OneUp Components releases droppers for any size rider, oval bars and more

New droppers, bars, stem and grips from the Squamish BC outfit

OneUp Components stem lengths

Canadian outfit OneUP Components has always been known for its ‘think outside the square’ parts and accessories, as well as well designed and reliable components.


OneUP was built on the principle of building gear that its staffers wanted on their own bikes, and the latest releases from the former RaceFace engineers exemplifies this ethos.

Droppers, droppers and more droppers

OneUP claims its post offers the lowest stack on the market
OneUP claims its post offers the lowest stack on the market

We were surprised when we first read that OneUp was releasing its first dropper post, but it was a surprise to nobody that it was pretty good.

Now on the second iteration, the brand says its dropper offers the shortest stack height and the shortest total length of any dropper post with the same travel.

For example, in a 150mm post, the total length with the actuator is 420mm, and the stack height is 183mm. For reference, a RockShox Reverb in the same travel is 440mm total length with a stack of 200mm

Available in 120mm, 150mm, 180mm and 210mm lengths, the cable actuated post can be shimmed down in travel by up to 20mm. For 2019 the post also sees a new upper DU Bushing in the collar for increased durability, and 20g has been shaved off on the scales.

There are lengths to suit riders of all sizes on OneUp's new dropper post
There are lengths to suit riders of all sizes

OneUp has also given its front shift-style lever an update too with a claimed-to-be more durable aluminum body, which is available in 22.2, I-Spec EV, I-Spec II and MMX clamp options.

Prices start a $199 in the 120mm and 150mm lengths and jump up 10-bucks for the 180mm and 210mm lengths.

OneUp EDC Stem

When OneUp launched the steerer EDC tool, basically every mountain biker I know was ready to put in an order until they read about the installation.

Because it’s stored inside the steerer tube, it required the use of a special top cap, so you had to cut a thread into the steerer itself to allow for headset adjustment.

OneUp's new stem
The OneUp Stem eliminates the need for a star nut and simplifies the install of its EDC steerer tool

So, to solve the problem, OneUp made a stem with an integrated preload system, so you no longer need a star nut, and it’s compatible with carbon, alloy and steel steerers.

Inside the bottom edge of the stem there is an adjustable compression ring, which interfaces with a tapered collar that sits on top of your spacers or headset cap.

The set up seems pretty straightforward; whack the stem on your steerer, make sure it’s straight, tighten the pinch bolts and then adjust the bearing preload by tightening the compression collar using a third bold on the stem to remove any play — just like you would with a star nut and top cap.

OneUp bars and grips

To complete its 2019 launch, OneUp has also launched a new carbon handlebar and lock-on grips.

The bars measure 800mm wide with a 35mm clamp diameter and are available in 20mm rise, 35mm rise and six colours

What’s clever about these bars is the oval profile, which OneUp claims gives you the comfort of a 21.8mm bar but also the stiffness you get in a 35mm.

OneUp's bar options
OneUp’s bar options

OneUp points out that most bars on the market follow the simple tapered profile that you seen in aluminum bars, but with carbon you can create more complex shapes to allow for flex in one plane but not another.

The OneUp bar profile has a small 35mm clamping area in the middle, which quickly changes to a flattened, oval shape and then to a standard 22.2mm clamp diameter for grips.

The brand claims it’s benchmarked its bar against popular carbon bars on the market and foam-filled aluminum bars, and found on average, a 21 percent increase in vertical compliance coupled with a 28 percent increase in steering stiffness.

OneUp Grips in purple
Grips are extremely personal, but OneUp thinks you’ll like these

At the end of the bars, grips are something that can make or break your ride experience, with everyone swearing by something different. Available in six colours, OneUp says it designed its grips to reduce arm pump and hand numbness.

The outer sleeve is made using a diamond knurled texture, with sawtooth finger ramps and a super tacky 20A compound to provide more purchase. In theory, more traction means less death-grip and therefore less arm pump, though this will vary from rider to rider.

The grips also feature a single lock profile, which is claimed to reduce hand numbness because there is soft, tacky rubber to cushion the heel of your hand where the outside hardware would be on a double lock-on.


Set to retail for $25, the OneUp Grips come in six colors.