Partner Promotion: Continental Ultra Sport tyres for £13.49 from CycleSurgery

Save 45 percent on the retail price via CycleSurgery

Continental is often the last word in high quality tyre manufacture. This week BikeRadar has teamed up with CycleSurgery to offer our readers a massive 45 percent discount on one of Continental’s popular and versatile road models, the Ultra Sport 700×23 folding tyre.


The 240g Ultra Sport is a hard wearing training tyre, perfect for eating up the miles in preparation for big events. But because it’s a folding tyre, it’s also a lightweight and inexpensive competition tyre too. The German brand has added more tread so the tyre lasts longer and gives a confidence inspiring ride over all types of road surface.

What’s more, the tyre comes in a range of colours: black, blue and yellow meaning a pair of Ultra Sports will enhance the look of almost every bike.

To pick up the Continental Ultra Sport folding tyre at the BikeRadar price of £13.49 each, visit the CycleSurgery site, make your choice and use the voucher code CYCLEBR45 in the checkout.  

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