Pedla Winter range – first look

Melbourne brand keeps it cool

Melbourne based brand Pedla has released a new winter range featuring an updated series of jerseys, vests and some cleverly packaged socks.


Pedla still uses high quality MITI fabrics for all its garments, but has toned back some of the bright colours and wild designs for which they are known. The new range uses a cooler colour palette, but is still focused on creating high quality garments that fit extremely well.

Full Gas Pro jersey


The full gas pro jersey comes in four colours:
David Rome / Future Publishing

The Full Gas Pro jersey comes in four colours

While technically a summer item, the Full Gas Pro jersey is a racier fitting version of the original Full Gas jersey. The top is made from soft microfibre polyester, has mesh side panels and a set-in sleeve  – which keeps the garment tight fitting and combats pinching under the arm caused by the standard or raglan sleeve. The jersey also has three reinforced pockets, a 3M reflective strip and is available black, light blue, gun metal blue or white.

Wind Cheater gilet


The wind cheater gilet got a makeover:
David Rome / Future Publishing

The Wind Cheater Gilet got a makeover, but retains the same features

The new plaid Wind Cheater Gilets are the same as the earlier camo version but in a less polarising colourscheme. The front of the gilet is made from an Italian WINDTEX membrane, which provides protection from wind and light rain. Rear panelling is a quick-drying microfiber material mesh, which is soft, breathable and should serve as an effective exhaust. The Wind Cheater also features three large reinforced pockets on the back  – something missing from many lightweight vests  – and 3M reflective piping.

Chill Block long sleeve fleece jersey


The chill block fleece jersey is new to the pedla’s lineup:
David Rome / Future Publishing

The Chill Block Fleece LS jersey is new to the Pedla’s lineup

A new product in the Pedla’s line up is the Chill Block long sleeve fleece jersey. Made from lightweight MITI Roubaix fabric, the fleece-lined jersey has a full-length zipper, fleece placket, reinforced pockets, and what the Pedla calls a droptail, to help combat road spray. The side panels are made from MITI Cross Fleece fabric, which should provide for some added breathability. The sleeves are cut at a slight angle, to cover more of the wrist and heel of the hand. While the jersey does not appear to have any sort of windstopper material it should be well suited for chilly rides.

Spinners socks


The spinners socks come in clever packaging:
Colin Levitch / Future Publishing

The Spinners Socks come in clever packaging


Socks are a subject of great debate in the BikeRadar office, however the Spinners have caught the attention of all. The COOLMAX socks have a 6in cuff and simple branding, however that is not what intrigued us. Each pair comes rolled up in a bright yellow tube, and while it is not a groundbreaking achievement in sock marketing, it is a nifty idea which we ended up putting to use as a pen holder.