Pinarello adds disc version of Dogma F10

Updated with more details after being spotted on UCI's list

We reported yesterday that an unreleased Pinarello Dogma F10 Disk had recently popped up on the UCI’s list of approved race bikes. Today Pinarello has confirmed the bike with some more details.

The bike retains the dropped stays used on the rim brake version of the bike

The core design of the Pinarello F10 Disk appears essentially unchanged from the original. However the “Disk” bike uses a modified version of the brand’s Onda fork, adapted for thru-axles of course and with a modification of what Pinarello calls its  ‘Fork Flaps’ ,  the little fairings behind the  dropouts. 

The “fork flaps” have been modified to work best with flat mount disc brakes

As expected of a modern disc road bike, the rear end is tied together by a 12x142mm thru-axle. 

The bike is said to be good for tyres up to 25mm in width. 

Somewhat notably, the bike uses an Italian threaded bottom bracket. A threaded BB is a better solution than press-fit in our eyes, but about an esoteric a standard as you can get these days.  

Pinarello is particular proud of the clean crown of the Onda disc fork

Pinarello has long championed the aesthetics of its bikes and claims that the move to disc brakes has allowed the brand to “elevate further the cutting edge design of the Dogma F10 [by] letting the fork crown and the rear stay perfectly clean.”

The new bike is available in a wide gamut of colour schemes

The new Dogma F10 Disk will be available in Mars Orange, Black Lava, Black on Black, Red Magma and Team Sky paint jobs. Riders of all sizes will be accommodated, with the bike available in sizes 44cm right through to 62cm.

In a press release today, the company notes that  the market of disc-brake road bikes is becoming mature and “the time has come for Pinarello to introduce [a disc version of the] Dogma F10.”

Those with longer memories may recall that back in January, Fausto Pinarello said that he didn’t believe high-performance bikes needed disc brakes, so this release was a little unexpected from the Italian brand, but in line with the rest of the industry, with most major manufacturers bringing disc versions of their all-round race bikes to the market in recent months. 

Last updated on the 13th of July, the UCI approved model list states that the Dogma F10 Disc was given approval on the 19th of June, mere days before the start of the 2017 Tour de France, so it’s still possible that we may see the bike debut at this year’s event.


Details are still quite thin, but we’ll update this article as soon as we have more info on pricing, specs and availability.