This smartwatch uses your body heat to offer infinite runtime

PowerWatch Series 2 can be powered solely by body heat

Matrix Technologies PowerWatch smartwatch

PowerWatch claims to have produced the world’s first smartwatch that can be powered solely using its wearer’s body heat. This opens up the possibility of an infinite run-time.


After a successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, the watch is now available to buy direct from PowerWatch. 

PowerWatch Series 2 key specs

Matrix Technologies PowerWatch Luxe
The PowerWatch is available in three different models.
Matrix Technologies / PowerWatch
  • Smartwatch powered by wearer’s body heat
  • 200m water resistance
  • Integrated solar charger
  • GPS location tracking
  • Sleep monitoring
  • 3rd party app integration
  • “The world’s most accurate calorie counter”
  • PowerWatch range starts at $499 (international pricing TBC)

The PowerWatch is based on a thermoelectric engine, which is produced by the brand’s parent company, Matrix Industries. 

This converts your body heat into power, charging the watch’s internal battery whenever it is being worn, so long as there is a temperature difference between the watch and your body. An interesting breakdown of how this technology works can be found on the Matrix Industries website. 

Matrix Technologies Thermoelectric engine
Matrix Industries’ patented thermoelectric engine technology is at the heart of the PowerWatch.
Matrix Technologies

An integrated solar cell around the outer edge of the display can also be used to top up the watch’s charge. 

The 1.2in LCD LED-backlit screen of an unknown resolution is not a touchscreen, with the watch instead controlled by four buttons located around the bezel. The functions of these buttons can be customised by the end-user in the watch’s dedicated app

Unlike the first generation of the watch, the Series 2 features an in-built heart rate monitor (though exactly which type isn’t specified) and GPS tracking. 

The watch’s full specification is hard to come by, and currently there is no mention of Bluetooth or ANT+ compatibility on the PowerWatch website, which may limit its usefulness for cyclists. 

Similarly, though the watch is marketed as having “3rd party app integration”, there is no mention as to whether this includes apps such as Strava or Zwift. We have contacted PowerWatch to confirm these details. 

Regardless of the thin specs, on paper, the technology used in the PowerWatch Series 2 presents an intriguing proposition for outdoorsy, bikepacking types — who may not have access to charging facilities — or forgetful cyclists who are forever leaving the house with an uncharged smartwatch. 

PowerWatch Series 2 range overview

The watch is available in three models: the Series 2 Standard Edition, the Series 2 Premium and the Series 2 Luxe, ranging from $499 to $699 (international pricing TBC).

Each watch in the range appears to be based on the same internals, with the finish and strap improving as you move up a price bracket. 


The watch is available for pre-order now direct from PowerWatch.