Pro-Lite introduce spoke braces for Gavia/Bracciano wheels

Flex reduction for claimed speed boost at same power

Pro-Lite dropped by the BikeRadar office this week to show us what they have in the pipeline heading into 2013. Next year marks the halfway point of their two-year product cycles, so all-new designs were thin on the ground.


They did show us their new spoke braces, though, which are actually available right now. Weighing just 3.5g for an entire set, the braces perform the same job as the tying and soldering method that was common in track cycling and is said to increase wheel stiffness.

Pro-Lite’s claims to the brace’s benefits are lofty – by fitting a set to one of their rear wheels, you’ll supposedly reduce flex by seven percent and increase speed by three percent. So, travelling at 50kph would give you an extra 1.5kph for the same power output, though we weren’t shown the science behind those numbers.

The braces are fitted to the rear wheel only, as power transfer is apparently negligible on the front. They’re available now free of charge to anyone who owns Gavia and Bracciano wheelsets. Just contact UK distributor Hotlines to get a set posted out.

John Whitney/BikeRadar

Wheels represent 65 percent of Pro-Lite’s business, but frames and components are playing an increasingly large role. In the past they’ve offered frames on their own, but will be offering frame kits (frame, headset, fork and seatpost) designed in-house for 2013.