Protect your perineum in 2020 with Prologo’s acronym-heavy saddles

Scratch gets shorter, Dimension moves forward

Prologo has unveiled the 2020 models of its long-running Scratch and the Dimension saddles — the Scratch M5 and the Dimension Tri — at this year’s Eurobike, boasting all sorts of clever acronym-heavy tech.  


Catering to the needs of long-distance cyclists, triathletes and time-trialists, the Italian saddle brand has reduced the length of the Scratch and tweaked the Dimension to give it a more forward position.

Prologo Scratch M5 overview

The Prologo Scratch has been a staple of the brand for more than a decade, with a rounded profile that’s claimed to allow the pelvis a natural rotation. 

Measuring at 250mm in length, the Scratch M5 is 30mm shorter than its predecessors, following the short-nose trend that’s been present for the last few seasons.

Its rounded profile is combined with ProLogo’s MSS system, which debuted last year on its e-bike specific Proxim range

MSS (Multi-Sector-System) refers to the way the saddle is divided into five sections that are distinguished by their different densities, for a more tailored approach to undercarriage support. The individual zones are claimed to favour the natural push-pull movement of the pedal phase.

It’s not just about the padding, either. According to Prologo, the carbon hull is constructed with long-strand carbon fibres, designed to offer compliance on the flanks and nose, and firm support through the mid-section.

Finally the Scratch M5 features what the brand calls the PAS (Perineal Area System). This is a channel that’s designed to relieve pressure on the perineum and improve blood flow to the area.

Prologo Scratch M5 price, sizing and availability

The Prologo Scratch M5 comes in one size: 140mm×250mm.

The multi-sectional design is available with two options: one with a full cut-out that’s ideal for roadies, and one with a relief channel that would suit off-road riders.

  • Nack Scratch M5 €199 (carbon rails)
  • Tirox Scratch M5 €135 (titanium-alloy rails)

Prologo Dimension Tri overview

Prologo Dimension Tri CPC top view
The Dimension Tri is 7mm broader at the nose than the standard Dimension

The Dimension Tri is another new addition to Prologo’s 2020 offering. 

Building on the tried and tested previous model, the Dimension Tri is aimed at triathletes and time-trialists, with an ergonomic ‘V’ shape combined with the brand’s PAS channel, described above.

Compared to the standard Dimension saddle, the seat area has been moved forward by about 20mm, while the tip is 7mm wider. 

While the Dimension Tri is not multi-sectional in design, it still incorporates a variety of foam densities, which the brand says will increase stability and comfort.

The saddle is available with Prologo’s patented CPC (Connect Power Control) technology. This comprises conical and hollow 3D polymer nano-structures, claimed to increase airflow and provide shock and vibration absorption.

Prologo Dimension Tri price, sizing and availability

The new ProLogo Dimension Tri comes with a CPC covering version, something we wanted to see on the original Dimension.
The new ProLogo Dimension Tri comes with a CPC covering version, something we wanted to see on the original Dimension.

The Prologo Dimension Tri also comes in one size: 143mm × 245mm.

  • Nack Dimension Tri €195 (with CPC €249)
  • Tirox Dimension Tri €139 (with CPC €159)