Prologo debut the new Nago Evo in World Champion rainbow stripes

Prologo's top-flight race saddle gets an overhaul for 2014

Italian saddle specialist Prologo has updated its top of the range Nago Evo with a little help from the World Champion, Rui Costa (Lampre-Merida).


The company’s ‘semi-round’ shape now features a flatter nose-piece which pitches downwards to narrow the depth at the front.

Prologo told BikeRadar this was to relieve a potential pressure point when sitting up at the front, and that the design tweak is a result of feedback from the company’s roster of pros.

The new prologo nago evo nose shape is designed to relieve a potential pressure point at max efforts:
Warren Rossiter/BikeRadar

The new Prologo Nago Evo nose shape is designed to relieve a potential pressure point during maximum efforts

The stiffness of the carbon fibre-injected base has also been increased in order to promote stability and resist torsional movement.

By revamping the material and construction of the base/carbon rail interface, Prologo has been able to shave a further 10g from the saddle’s weight, and now hits a claimed 160g.

The nago evo hull has been revamped to be stiffer and more stable:
Warren Rossiter/BikeRadar

The Nago Evo hull has been revamped to be stiffer and more stable

The Costa edition saddle features Prologo’s patented CPC surfacing.  CPC is a rubber-like material consisting of thousands of minute chimney-like shapes that hold riders in position to prevent slipping, and also add comfort.

The new saddle has been released, with this all new World Champion model designed for Rui Costa to use throughout this season.

CPC sections add bags of grip to the nago evo:
Warren Rossiter/BikeRadar

CPC sections add bags of grip to the Nago Evo

Costa said: “[The] CPC system is something very interesting that Prologo realised efficiently. The idea is very good, and it helps [solve] a problem that I think every cyclist had to face in his career: the slide on the saddle when you’re in the maximum effort or when you’re taking part in a time trial.


“Thanks to CPC system, you can stay sat on your saddle without the slide problem. It’s important to set the proper sitting position, and then you’re OK for the rest of the race or of the time trial. It’s something you need to be accustomed to a little bit at the beginning, since it’s necessary to set the position properly,” he added. “I think CPC system and Prologo saddles will be good mates for me during my cycling season.”