Propain unveils new 14in Bam Bam kids’ bike

Teach your child to shred the rubble with this mint-green balance bike

Propain Bam Bam balance bike 14 inch on the pump track

Forget 29ers, it’s all about 14in micro-shredders as German mountain bike brand Propain releases its first balance bike: the Bam Bam.

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For other nineties kids out there, there are some heavy Flintstones vibes with the new bike. It not only shares a name with Bam Bam, adopted son of Barney and Betty Rubble, but also features the slogan “shred the rubble” and, of course, is powered by feet pushing off the ground.

The minty green alloy frame has been finished with rounded tube ends and designed around 14in wheels. Shod with knobbly tyres, there’s no doubting that the Bam Bam is built to hit the dirt as well as the pump track.

While the design is kept really simple for the Bam Bam, a 4.5kg first bike for children measuring between 90 and 110cm, Propain tells us you can add a rear disc brake later on, introducing another important skill for your kid to learn.

The Propain Bam Bam balance bike in mint.
Propain / Stefan Eigner

While it’s well documented that you should choose your child’s bike based on their size rather than age, a rough guide suggests the bike is suitable for an average-height child aged between two and four, with an adjustable saddle height thanks to the adjustable seatpost and low standover height.

There’s been a move towards balance bikes rather than smaller pedal bikes with stabilisers over recent years.

Though the Bam Bam doesn’t come supplied with a brake, there’s a mount for a rear disc brake caliper and rotor.
Propain / Stefan Eigner

The theory is that this teaches young children crucial balance skills, which then makes progressing to a pedal bike without stabilisers much easier.

This approach also helps to minimise the weight of their first bike, which can improve handling – and most importantly enjoyment – for tiny people.

Start ’em young

The Propain Bam Bam is a great way to get started on pump tracks.
Propain / Stefan Eigner

The Bam Bam certainly isn’t the first model in Propain’s kids’ bike range, lining up alongside the 20in Dreckspatz (which translates delightfully to ‘mucky pup’) rigid mountain bike; the premium 20in, 90mm-travel, full-suspension Frechdax (‘rascal’ or ‘cheeky monkey’) and the 140mm-travel, 24in or 26in Yuma.

Alongside a growing number of brands, including Specialized, Transition, Commencal, YT and Nukeproof, Propain subscribes to the theory that higher-quality, well thought-out kids’ bikes make a huge difference to how much your little one will enjoy learning how to ride.

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The Propain Bam Bam balance bike is available in a single size (14in) and mint green colourway, priced at €279 / $279 (excluding taxes).