Rapha launches indoor-specific cycling kit (including a £30 sweat cap)

New range focuses on comfort and ventilation for indoor training

Rapha indoor training kit

Rapha has announced the release of its first collection of cycling kit specifically designed for the demands of indoor training.


Made up of four different pieces for men and women, the indoor training collection incorporates lighter, more ventilated fabrics and designs that Rapha says “help you stay comfortable while you’re working your hardest”.

This isn’t the first indoor-specific gear we’ve seen — Madison introduced the Turbo jersey earlier this year, while Shimano has launched shoes for spin classes — but it is a comprehensive collection that points towards turbo kit becoming a genuine trend. 

Rapha indoor training sweat cap

Rapha indoor training kit
The sweat cap is made from a mesh fabric.

The key product in the range is the sweat cap, which Rapha says uses a “highly ventilated spacer mesh and an internal sweatband to keep you cool and dry”.

Rapha also claims that the hat is its “lightest-ever” cap. We did ask Rapha exactly how light it is, but it was unable to supply a figure because the final production version has not yet been “officially weighed”.

  • Indoor training sweat cap: £30 / €35 / $40 / AU$55

Rapha indoor training sleeveless T-shirt

Rapha indoor training kit
The sleeveless T-shirt is available in men’s and women’s cuts.

Made from a “lightweight, breathable fabric”, Rapha says the fit of the “indoor training sleeveless t-shirt” (also known as… a vest) is “looser than a base layer yet close enough to wick moisture in key areas”.

As well as being sleeveless, it also has a wide neck which Rapha claims lets “air flow around your body, keeping you cool when things heat up.”

The indoor training sleeveless T-shirt is available in black for men and green for women.

  • Indoor training sleeveless T-shirt: £35 / €40 / $50 / AU$65

Rapha indoor training towel

Rapha indoor training kit
Rapha — mopping sweaty lips since 2019.

If a standard towel just won’t cut the mustard in your pain cave, then the Rapha indoor training towel might be what you’re looking for.

It has two loops of fabric on the end corners designed to hold it in place on the brake hoods, and prevent sweat from dripping down on to your precious bike. Having a towel on your hoods should also mean it’s within easy reach when excess sweat needs to be wiped away.

  • Indoor training towel: £10 / €12 / $15 / AU$20

Rapha Core cargo shorts

Rapha indoor training kit
Pockets for mid-turbo snacks.

The Core cargo shorts are bib-less, which Rapha says will help avoid the uncomfortable feeling of sweaty fabric sitting on your skin, and have pockets on the leg for food and other essentials like your phone.

As you’d expect, Rapha says the chamois is “super comfortable” will keep you bum happy throughout even the toughest of indoor sweat sessions.

  • Rapha Core cargo shorts: £95 / €115 / $130 / AU$165