Rapha’s £329 B&O H6 headphones launched

Ludicrously expensive headphones for the roadie who has it all

Rapha has announced its first set of headphones, the BeoPlay H6 with Rapha, which have been created with Danish sound specialists Bang & Olufsen – yours for £329.


The over-ear headphones are claimed to have “beautifully balanced acoustic performance” and use materials from the rest of the Rapha range. The ear pads are made from the same African hair sheep leather as the Rapha GT gloves, while the head band fabric is from the brand’s Pro Team products.

There’s an audio jack on each earpiece to allow cord placement on either side or daisychaining should riders want to share the same audio. The Rapha pink cord also has an inline remote and microphone.

Neatly sidestepping the issue of listening to music on the bike, Rapha says the B&O H6 headphones are for use “during warm-up and recovery, travel, and the turbo trainer sessions necessitated by competitive cycling”.

Rapha’s Head of Brand, James Fairbank, said: “B&O Play is a keen supporter of cycling and they understand the demands of a road cyclist.

“Music is a catalyst for focused performance and we are delighted to pair our mission to develop the best performing products for road cycling with a company that so truly believes in the love of form and expression.”

Yes, they do look pretty, but we’re filing these under the ‘for the roadie who has everything’ category.


The headphones are now available at www.rapha.cc, where you can also find out more.