Re-engineered SRAM hydraulic road brake system expected in April

Chicago company confirms interim mechanical replacement plan

SRAM and bike shop mechanics have been busy pulling HydroR levers off bikes

A re-engineered 2015 version of the recalled SRAM hydraulic road brakes will be available in mid-April.


In the latest bulletin on the SRAM HydroR recall, the Chicago-based component company also confirmed its plan to offer affected consumers a mechanical system in the interim, with an option to upgrade to the revised hydraulic system when products arrive in the market.

A SRAM statement said: “In addition to a mechanical brake system, we are offering you the choice to upgrade to our new model year 15 hydraulic system, or if you want to keep the mechanical system, we will provide cash reimbursement of US$200 or €150.”

Earlier this week, BikeRadar revealed the recall saga, triggered in mid-December when three separate faults with the mass-produced system were identified, had cost the Chicago company an estimated US$10 to 15m.


For further details of the replacement programme, visit the SRAM recall site.