#readersrides week five

This week it's the turn of BikeRadar's Facebook fans

Fancy getting your bike into one of our galleries for tens of thousands of bike fans to see? Every week at BikeRadar we’ll be giving 10 lucky individuals that opportunity.


Every Friday we’ll be requesting pictures of your bike via our Facebook or Twitter pages. Then, we’ll select 10 of the submitted pictures to feature in a gallery for all to see. This week’s readers rides was compiled using submissions from the thriving BikeRadar Facebook community.

This week’s readers’ rides

The 5010 is still one of the hottest bikes around and it’s not hard to see why. We’re sure this one rides as well as it looks too. Thanks to Alex Ofthe Forest for this one.

Alex’s santa cruz solo: alex’s santa cruz solo
AlexOfthe Forest/Facebook
Here’s Biran Falk-Dotan’s custom Spectrum. Weighing in at 6.6kg as shown, this titanium racer is said to be both stiff and comfortable. This photo was taken shortly before the bike’s first race, the Tour de Terra Cotta in Ontario, Canada.
xxxxxxxx: xxxxxxxx
Biran Falk-Dotan/Facebook
Chris Keast was quick off the mark. Here he is with his beloved Cannondale overlooking his local trails In Pendeen, Cornwall.
Chris keast’s cannondale: chris keast’s cannondale
Chris Keast/Facebook
James Wilkes’ very nice Cube road bike parked in what he calls the safest place on a train. We don’t blame him.
xxxxxxxx: xxxxxxxx
James Wilkes/Facebook
Mason Allerby’s Santa Cruz Nomad is nothing short of a dream machine.
Mason allerby’s santa cruz: mason allerby’s santa cruz
Mason Allerby/Facebook
Michael Wilson with his Carrera TdF having completed the London to Paris. Good work.
Michael Wilson/Facebook
It’s safe to say that Mark Hemming’s isn’t afraid to get his Bird Zero.AM hardtail a little soggy.
xxxxxxxx: xxxxxxxx
Mark Hemmings/Facebook
The Italian connection is strong in this entry from Facebook fan Richard Meese.
xxxxxxxx: xxxxxxxx
Richard Meese/Facebook
Rusty sent over this snap of his nicely colour co-ordinated Cotic BFe.
xxxxxxxx: xxxxxxxx
Rusty Wildheart Rutterford/Facebook
Why should the fun be just for one? Well, in Robert Miller’s case it doesn’t have to be, thanks to his classic Gitane tandem.
Robert miller’s gitane tandem:
Robert Miller/Facebook

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