PSIcle offers battery-free pressure sensing for any Presta tubeless valve or inner tube

$52 PSIcle pressure sensor uses NFC technology to provide wireless tyre pressure stats

Rover Development PSIcle pressure sensor

Rover Development has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new NFC-powered pressure sensor that can be integrated with any Presta valve.


The PSIcle sensor follows the Tubolito Tubo MTB P-SENS inner tube in offering tyre pressure monitoring via an NFC chip, but it has the added advantage of fitting to any existing Presta valve, whether part of an inner tube or a separate tubeless valve for those who run tubeless tyres.

The PSIcle will be available in a low-pressure sensor for mountain bikes or fat bikes, with a range of 0 to 40psi, and a high-pressure version measuring up to 400psi.

The sensor is available to pre-order via Kickstarter at an early bird price of $52 for two sensors, with a target delivery date of  September 2021. If the campaign is successful, it will then be available via the Rover Development website.

How does the PSIcle work?

Rover Development PSIcle pressure sensor
The PSIcle sensor provides tyre pressure readings via an NFC chip.
Rover Development

The PSIcle screws into a Presta valve stem with the Presta valve core screwing back into the top of the PSIcle.

Once in place, the PSIcle uses a near field communicator (NFC) chip, which is fitted in its body. The chip is battery-free and relies on the electromagnetic field of compatible Android and iOS smartphones to power it up. It then launches and sends tyre pressure data back to the PSIcle smartphone app.

Rover Development says there is no delay in readouts, so the sensor can be used while inflating tyres.

As the smartphone has to be held close to the sensor, you will have to stop cycling and hold your phone next to the valve to get a reading.

Rover Development PSIcle pressure sensor
The PSIcle fits into existing Presta valves, whether they are part of an inner tube or tubeless valves.
Rover Development

For live, on-bike readouts there is the battery-powered Quarq Tyrewiz, which also fits a Presta valve. However, the PSIcle might win out for some thanks to its battery-free design and significantly lower price.

Rover Development also points out that the battery-free design “eliminates extra weight” when compared to sensors that use a battery.

The company says the PSIcle measures tyre pressure with “extreme accuracy”, claiming the high-pressure version is accurate to +/- 0.7psi while the low-pressure version can measure to +/- 0.06psi.

If the PSIcle hits its Kickstarter goal, we’ll be sure to get a set in to review to see if these claims ring true.


Find out more on Kickstarter.