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Scott launches new Foil RC, promising gains in aero, weight saving and stiffness

New aero race bike developed with Drag2Zero guru Simon Smart

New 2022 Scott Foil RC

Scott has launched its newly updated Foil RC aero road bike ahead of the Tour de France. To be ridden by WorldTour outfit Team DSM at the Grand Boucle, the new race machine promises impressive gains across the holy trinity of bike performance: aerodynamics, weight and stiffness.


The brand has worked with aero expert Simon Smart to develop the new frameset, resulting in a claimed 16-watt saving at 40km/h – or a one minute, 18-second saving over 40km at that speed.

At the same time, Scott has achieved a 915g frame weight in its lightest HMX SL carbon layup, a nine per cent drop on the previous-generation Foil.

The geometry has also been tweaked, now largely mirroring the Swiss brand’s Addict RC lightweight race bike for responsive and agile handling.

The Foil RC will be available in five models by the year’s end, with prices set to be confirmed later in the year.

Aero first with Drag2Zero

We attended the launch of the Foil RC at Lago d’Iseo, Italy.
Ashley Quinlan / Our Media

If Drag2Zero sounds familiar, it’s because the company has a history of working with Scott on the previous generations of the Foil, plus a long-standing relationship with ENVE, among a host of other cycling-related team-ups. Its founder, aerodynamics expert Simon Smart, has had a significant influence on aero development in recent years.

A three-year joint development process has yielded, Scott claims, the fastest bike the Swiss brand has ever produced, achieving 10 per cent greater efficiency in the wind tunnel than the previous generation of the Foil.

This has been achieved with extensive computational fluid dynamic (CFD) testing across every tube profile in the new Foil RC, where each NACA-inspired tube is tested individually and again as a complete frameset mockup.

NACA profiles (where the rearside edge is squared off to some degree) are nothing new in recent aero bike design, but Scott says it has worked with Drag2Zero to optimise airflow around the complete package.

“One mistake commonly made by bike brands is that they focus on the frameset or complete bike in isolation,” says Drag2Zero’s Smart. “In that case, you can end up with a frameset that’s incredibly fast on paper, but then you put a rider on it and find that they are in a less aero position, slowing the whole system down.”