Shimano’s CUES Di2 groupset brings electronic shifting to e-commuter bikes and features ABS brakes

The new groupset is compatible with Shimano’s new EP600 and EP801 drive units

Shimano CUES Di2 rear derailleur

Shimano has launched the new electric-bike specific CUES Di2 drivetrain, aimed at bikes for commuting, city, cargo and touring bikes.

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The electronic groupset, designed to offer “versatility and durability across a range of bikes”, features a new ABS anti-lock braking system and is available with CUES-specific 10- and 11-speed rear derailleurs.

The groupset integrates with Shimano’s existing LinkGlide ebike-specific components and the new Shimano EP600 and EP801 motors, announced with CUES as part of a range of electronic component launches.

As part of that, Shimano has also announced a new 12-speed XT Di2 M8150 drivetrain, but only for electric mountain bikes.

Pricing and availability of Shimano CUES Di2 is to be confirmed.

Two CUES rear derailleurs

Shimano CUES Di2 is available with two rear derailleurs: RD-U6070 for 11-speed and RD-U6050 for 10-speed.

Shimano’s CUES Di2 is available with two rear-derailleur options.

The RD-U6070 is an 11-speed electronic rear derailleur that uses LinkGlide – Shimano’s technology to improve the durability of ebike components.

It is compatible with a maximum 50t sprocket and is only available in a single medium-cage option.

The RD-U6050 is its 10-speed equivalent and also uses LinkGlide. It is also only available in a medium-cage option and its maximum sprocket is 43t.

Two LinkGlide cassettes are offered: 11-50t for 11-speed and 11-43t for 1o-speed.

Two LinkGlide cassettes are offered. The 11-speed RD-U6070 rear derailleur is designed to pair with an 11-50t cassette and the 10-speed RD-U605 derailleur pairs with an 11-43t cassette.

In terms of freehub compatibility, these are designed to run on either the HG Spline M (10/9/8-speed, MTB 11-speed) and HG Spline L (road 11/12-speed) HyperGlide freehub bodies.

New shifting protocol

Shimano has also introduced new eTube app functionality across its latest electronic components.

The CUES Di2 groupset includes Shimano’s new Free Shift and Auto Shift with Manual Override features.

Free Shift is an all-new shifting mode for electric bikes, enabling riders to make gear changes without pedalling the bike. When you shift, the CUES Di2 system prompts Shimano’s EP600 and EP801 drive units to simultaneously advance the drivetrain at the chainring for pedal-less shifts.

Auto Shift with Manual Override takes this concept one step further and automatically shifts your gears for you.

The system is claimed to have the ability to make predictive gear changes based on your speed and cadence.

Anti-lock brakes

Shimano has also announced a new anti-lock braking system, powered by Blubrake.

Blubrake’s system prevents the front wheel locking up when braking and the rear wheel lifting off the ground.

The system is reliant on a wheel-speed sensor at the front brake, combined with a built-in motion sensor at the electronic control unit.

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The brand claims its ABS brakes “enable controlled braking force and consistent stopping power”.