Shimano commemorates 25th anniversary of legendary SPD sandal with limited-edition model

On-bike fashion icon celebrated with limited-edition blue model

Shimano SD501A sandal

Shimano has released a limited-edition version of its legendary SPD sandal to commemorate “a significant milestone in its long and illustrious history”, as the venerable open-toed fashion icon reaches a ripe ol’ 25 years of age.

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Shimano has similarly marked other key milestones within its SPD product lineup in the past, including a set of blue XTR pedals to mark its 25th anniversary back in 2015

Other than the handsome blue finish, the SD501A sandals appear otherwise identical to Shimano’s existing SD5 sandals. 

Tech highlights include “dual comfort-lined straps for a secure and comfortable fit” as well as – in Shimano’s own words – undoubted “hipster-fashion” street cred. 

Shimano SD501A sandal
Socks not optional.

The sandals feature a touring friendly flexible-ish sole, measuring 4.5 on Shimano’s proprietary stiffness index. For comparison, Shimano’s S-Phyre XC9 mountain bike shoes measure 11. 

This means you’ll be able to look equally fashionable both on the bike and off when prowling the local promenade for a mid-ride Cornetto. 

The new SD501A sandals will be available in sizes EU38 to 48 and are compatible with all two-bolt cleats. 

They're perfect for the active urbanite
We profess our love of the SPD sandal at any given opportunity.
Reuben Bakker-Dyos / Immediate Media

It’s no secret we’re fans of Shimano’s legendary sandals here at BikeRadar. While we’d personally never be caught dead wearing the damn things, that Shimano has continued to cater to this extraordinary niche segment of the market for so long is commendable. 

That those who wear them often do so with pride is also a source of admiration among the BikeRadar team. 

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Here’s to 25 more years of fresh tootsies.