Sportful winter clothing – Just in

Cold weather wear straight from the Dolomites

Sportful offer a broad range of cycle clothing for all types of rider. They do have an association with pro teams and it’s always been their intention to offer consumers the same kit as the professionals. There are no replicas to be found here, so the BodyFit Pro jacket you’ll see below is exactly the same, barring the obvious aesthetics and logos, as those Saxo Bank wear.


Here we take a look at what Sportful have to offer this winter.

BodyFit Pro jacket

Sportful bodyfit pro ws jacket: sportful bodyfit pro ws jacket
Philip Gale

One of Sportful’s flagship winter products, the BodyFit Pro jacket (£180) is used as winter training fodder by Saxo Bank, hence its tight, pro cut. Used either as a single layer on milder winter days or with a base layer when the elements turn nasty, the jacket uses Windstopper fabric on the front and rear and is said to offer significant protection from rain showers. Available in black or white versions, it has a high collar, a wrist zip for easy glove removal and standard three rear pockets.

Sportful BodyFit Pro Thermal Bib Tights

Sportful bodyfit pro thermal bib tights: sportful bodyfit pro thermal bib tights
Philip Gale

The corresponding winter tights are again used by the Saxo Bank team, and have a fleece-like inner lining, flatlock stitching and ankle zip for easy removal. They are available in all black or black/white and are pretty well priced at £90.

Fiandre No Rain jacket

Sportful flandre no rain jacket: sportful flandre no rain jacket
Philip Gale

A harder wearing cycling jacket than the BodyFit Pro, the Fiandre is again ideal for cold, dry conditions but has a NoRain fabric on the back where it’s needed most. Windstopper 4-Way Warm and 4-Way Light fabrics should keep you warm without neglecting breathability, while waterproof zippers and an extra long tail add up to a very tidy looking all-weather training jacket for £160. It is also available in a “light” version for £135, which has all the protection of the full version but with the weight and fit of a jersey. 

No Rain bib tights

Sportful no rain bib tights: sportful no rain bib tights
Philip Gale

Made from the same fabric as the jacket above, these No Rain tights (£90) apparently repel water without compromising warmth or breathability. Minimal seams enhance its water-resistant credentials while reflective tape inserts serve as a counter to the all-black look. For more on the entire winter range, visit the Sportful website.

Who are Sportful?

The history of Italian clothing brand Sportful dates back to 1946 and the Cremonese family, but it wasn’t until 1972 that it began to take the shape of the company it is today.


It was that year when the founders’ son, Dr Giordano Cremonese, took the reins from his parents. He wanted to participate in a cross-country ski race but, short of the necessary clothing, he used the family business as a means to produce the gear he needed, so it was at this point where the Sportful name was born. A huge demand for cycling clothing encouraged to the company to branch out in 1985 and by 2002 they were making the Italian national team kit. They are also the current kit supplier to Saxo Bank in the pro ranks. In 2003, they acquired the Castelli brand, which continues to operate in the high-end racing part of the market.