SRM has launched its own indoor training bike and it’s five THOUSAND Euros (plus VAT)

SmartIT is fully integrated and claims +/- 1 percent power meter accuracy

Staitonary SRM bike

SRM has used Eurobike 2019 to launch a fully-integrated indoor training bike. The SmartIT is equipped with the German company’s Origin aluminium power meter, offering a claimed accuracy of +/- one percent, while the electro-magnetic flywheel is capable of handling 1,400 watts. 

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This isn’t the first indoor trainer we’ve seen from SRM but it is a significant step up from the existing IndoorTrainer Electronic. The SmartIT retains the adjustability of its predecessor but offers 11-speed shifting and is fully compatible with software such as Zwift and TrainerRoad.

This year’s Eurobike, the world’s biggest cycling trade show, has also seen the arrival of the Wahoo Kickr Bike. The thirst for interactive indoor training is showing no signs of slowing, with Zwift also introducing steering within the app’s virtual world.

Smart connectivity, and yes, there’s an app

Head units on SRM bike handlebar
This digital handlebar control (left) has been developed for the SmartIT. The
George Scott / Immediate Media

The SmartIT has a 30kg electro-magnetic flywheel, controlled either manually through the digital handlebar-mounted control, which allows the rider to adjust the prescribed power output at 5-watt increments, while also displaying an array of other data, or via a third-party app (the trainer is ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart compatible). 

SRM has also developed its own app for the launch of the SmartIT, offering the ability to build interval workouts, analyse torque and geek out on a wealth of other data. You can also tap away on the pedals and use the levers to change gear on the Shimano 105 rear derailleur, for that old-school, tactile trainer experience.

Cockpit of exercise bike
The 11-speed rear cassette is controlled by Shimano STI levers.
George Scott / Immediate Media

SRM, the gold standard in power meters?

Crucial to this bike, of course, is the presence of a fully fledged power meter. SRM has long been considered the gold standard in power meters, although there’s been no shortage of new players staking a claim for that title in recent years. 

Even so, the Origin carries the SRM label and, while this aluminium version may be the German company’s entry-level power meter, it still offers a claimed accuracy of +/- one percent.

Crank on SRM bike
The bike comes equipped with SRM’s entry-level Origin power meter.
George Scott / Immediate Media

As this is a standalone power meter integrated into a training machine, you do have the option of using the SmartIT in winter and porting the Origin to your summer bike, although we don’t necessarily see that as a realistic option for many riders.

Adjustable bar on exercise bike
The saddle and handlebar are adjustable for height and fore/aft position
George Scott / Immediate Media

SRM says the SmartIT can be used by riders between 165cm (5ft 5in) and 200cm (6ft 7in) tall. The saddle and handlebar offer stepless adjustment for height and fore/aft position.

Full gas

SRM says the SmartIT’s stainless steel frame is also designed to withstand high-power sprints, with the flywheel capable of handling up to 1,400 watts and the wide-legged frame weighing more than 65kg in total (this isn’t a device you’ll be moving around the house on a whim). 

Cranks of exercise bike
SRM claims the Origin is accurate to +/- one percent.
George Scott / Immediate Media

An indoor bike removes any concern about damaging a carbon frame on a turbo trainer, although there’s also the additional (and significant) outlay to consider when investing in a dedicated setup like the SmartIT, Wahoo Kickr Bike or Wattbike Atom over a conventional smart trainer.

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And how much of an investment is the SmartIT? SRM will sell the trainer direct through its website for €5,000 + VAT, which also includes the digital handlebar mount and SRM’s PC8 computer.