SRM debuts first ever MTB power meter pedals

X-Power pedals are SPD compatible and set to cost around €1,000

MTB power meter pedals

While SRM’s new SmartIT indoor training bike took centre stage on the company’s stand at Eurobike, we were equally intrigued by this set of SRM X-Power mountain bike power meter pedals. In fact, these are, as far as we’re aware, the world’s first mountain bike-specific power pedals (and gravel/cyclocross, for that matter).


Unlike the SRM’s Exakt road pedals, which were produced in collaboration with LOOK, this design is exclusive to SRM, although the pedals are compatible with Shimano SPD cleats.

SRM X-Power mountain bike power meter pedals key specs

  • World’s first mountain bike power meter pedal
  • Shimano SPD cleat compatible
  • Dual-sided power option only
  • Claimed 80–90 hour run time
  • ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Zwift compatibility mode
  • Easily rebuildable modular design
  • Estimated €1,000 RRP

SPD compatible, with the clever bits inside the spindle

MTB power meter pedals
The X-Power is compatible with Shimano’s SPD cleat.
George Scott / Immediate Media

The X-Power’s electronics and batteries are housed inside the pedal spindle, which, according to SRM, provides the best protection from the elements. This differs from the Exakt, which places the electronics on the outside of the spindle (they’re still hidden by the pedal body).

Two faces of the squared off spindle hold a pair of strain gauges
This is the Exakt’s spindle which, in contrast to the X-Power, has its electronics attached to the outside of the spindle.
Jack Luke / Immediate Media

The X-Power’s strain gauge itself encircles the spindle and has four grids to measure wattage, depending on the position of the crank. The X-Power is a dual-sided power meter, with no plans for a single-sided version at present.

MTB power meter pedals
Charging comes via this magnetic connector on the pedal flats. The electronics are housed inside the pedal spindle.
George Scott / Immediate Media

The X-Power uses the same lithium-ion batteries as the Exakt pedals, which offer a claimed 100 hours of run time in lab conditions (according to an SRM engineer, that likely equates to about 80-90 hours of riding). The pedals will be charged via a single-pin magnetic connector on the wrench flats

Needless to say, the pedals will offer ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity, so they can be paired with a range of head units. Like the Exakt pedals, there is also a ‘Zwift compatibility’ mode that allows the pedals to communicate directly with any Zwift-connected device without requiring a head unit.

SRM’s smartphone app can be used to calibrate the pedals, while also offering all the data expected by power-hungry riders, including left-right balance.

In the event of a crash, the modular design of the pedal means that it is possible to swap the pedal body if required. 

“The combination of SPD compatibility and the X-Power’s tough construction make it the first pedal power meter ready for the dirt,” says SRM.

MTB power meter pedal axle
The X-Power is still a prototype, but it has the look of a finished product
George Scott / Immediate Media

SRM is currently completing in-house testing on the X-Power pedals — the accuracy and weight of the pedals is to be confirmed — and told BikeRadar that around 100 sets will be sent out to selected riders for real-world testing over the winter. With that in mind, you can expect to see these land in the first half of 2020.


Pricing is to be confirmed, but we’re told the X-Power pedals should cost approximately €1,000. A bundle with SRM’s PC8 computer will also be available.