Strava is making a huge change to its premium membership: here’s all you need to know

Strava Summit splits premium membership into three packs

Strava’s Premium model has been totally overhauled and is being replaced with Strava Summit, which separates its core features into three distinct packages: Training, Safety and Analysis.


There’s a handful of new features, but critically, the new setup allows athletes to pick exactly what packs they want — or subscribe to the whole suite —  which could save money in the long run.

The look of the app has been totally redesigned

Strava Summit Training Pack details

The Strava Training Pack is for… training

The Strava Summit Training Pack is designed for athletes who are, unsurprisingly, focussed on training.

The pack unlocks real-time GPS tracking, custom goals, race analysis, filtered leaderboards and breakdowns of KOM and PR attempts.

Strava Summit Analysis Pack details

The Analysis Pack opens up interesting metrics

The Strava Summit Analysis Pack allows athletes to access detailed insights into performance, including general workout analysis, fitness and freshness analysis  — which assesses the impact of workouts and advises whether it’s time to train or rest — live segments, power analysis and relative effort metrics.

To be clear, you are not required to subscribe to the Summit Analysis Pack to be able to pair your power meter/heart rate monitor to your phone/head unit. Subscribing to the pack just allows you to access those aforementioned insights in Strava.

Strava Summit Safety Pack details

The Strava Safety Pack opens up mapping features and Strava Beacon

Subscribing to the Strava Summit Safety Pack unlocks Strava’s mapping features.

Tapping into Strava’s immense bank of data, athletes can plan routes using both global and personal heatmaps, showing the most popular routes in their area.

It also grants users access to Strava’s Beacon feature, which allows chosen contacts to see where they are in real time.

Strava Summit perks

Subscribers — regardless of whether you pay for an individual package or the full suite — will also get priority access to Strava’s support team.

In addition, they’ll have access to exclusive deals from Strava and selected partners.

Strava Summit plans pricing

All three packs are available as an inclusive package for £47.99 / $59.99 / €59.99 per annum.

Individual packages come in at £18.99 / $23.99 / €24.99 per annum.

Monthly memberships are also available at £6.99 / $7.99 / €7.99 for full the package or £2.49 / $2.99 / €2.99 for an individual pack.

Australian pricing is still TBC and we’ll update this article as soon as we have this.


Existing Strava Premium subscribers will retain access to advanced features at their current price.