Strava Local Legend challenge rolled out worldwide

Most popular segments in the UK also revealed

Strava Local Legend

After a limited launch last month, Strava Local Legends – the new-ish challenge that awards a laurel wreath to the rider that has completed any given segment the most times over a rolling 90-day period – is available across the globe from today.


To coincide with the full launch of the new feature, Strava has released a list of the most popular segments in the UK over the last 90 days.

Unsurprisingly, the top five segments are centred around the south-east of England, with a whopping 80,201 efforts completed along the ‘Kingston to Bushy’ segment.

At time of writing, the Local Legend on this segment has completed 97 repeats of this segment in the last 90 days.

Other highlights include:

  • Box Hill climb in Surrey has been ridden over 37,000 times in the last 90 days. To become the Local Legend here, you would have to ride the segment over 80 times (which, by our calculations, would see you go well past the required elevation to complete an Everesting challenge).
  • Milbank Embankment – which forms part of the capital’s network of ‘Cycle Superhighways’ – has seen 48,026 efforts over the past 90 days. You’d have to be a true masochist if you wanted to become the Local Legend here because it would require 66 repeats.

Originally only released to select parts of the US, including California and Colorado, Local Legends will now roll out on the Strava mobile app in the US, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Japan and Brazil.

As a reminder, back in June, Strava moved long-standing free features, such as KOM/QOM leaderboards and route planning, behind a paywall. As such, it should come as no surprise that only premium subscribers have full access to the Local Legend functionality.

Non-paying members take part and become a Local Legend, but are not able to see where they sit on the leaderboard outside of the top ten.


Have you taken the Local Legend status on any segments in your area, or do you already know you’re an absolute legend anyway? Let us know in the comments.