Strava StatMaps are the all-new way to visualise your activities

StatMaps colourise your GPS trace to illustrate a change in elevation, heart rate, power, gradient and more

Strava StatMap news story

Strava StatMaps is an all-new subscriber-only feature that uses different colours on your GPS trace to illustrate changes in metrics – including power, speed, heart rate and more – throughout an activity.


In Strava’s words, StatMaps brings “a new colour and feel to the feed” by allowing athletes to visualise their activities through “data-driven polyline colour”.

If that doesn’t make any sense (you could be forgiven), some examples should help clear things up…


Strava Elevation StatMap
The trace changes colour to illustrate a change in gradient.

As the gradient becomes steeper on a ride, the trace will shift from green to red.


Strava Heart Rate StatMap
For heart rate, the tone of the red trace becomes darker.

As your heart rate increases, the tone of the red polyline will become darker.

How to generate a Strava #StatMap

#StatMaps are available for the following metrics:

  • Pace – #PaceMap
  • Speed – #SpeedMap
  • Heart rate – #HeartrateMap
  • Elevation (absolute) – #ElevationMap
  • Elevation (gradient) – #GradientMap
  • Power – #PowerMap
  • Time – #TimeMap
  • Temperature – #TemperatureMap

The feature is live already and, to generate a StatMap, you must add the specific hashtag for your chosen metric into either the activity title or description.

As with most of Strava’s newest features, this is a subscriber-only feature. Non-subscribers will have to make do with a plain ol’ orange trace, though they will be able to see StatMaps generated by subscribers they follow.


Can you see yourself making use of this feature? Is it enough to push you to become a subscriber? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.