Strava adds monthly activity stats animation

New feature fully available to premium members

Strava monthly stats

Strava’s My Year in Sport feature is always a highlight of the year end, telling you how much closer to the moon the distance you rode got you, how many Everests you climbed, how many days you actually got off your sofa and such like.


It’s a bit of a motivator to maybe jump on the bike and head off into the big wide world a bit more in the coming year.

Now you can have that end of year experience more often because Strava now offers its premium subscribers an animated run-through of their activities every month.

Like My Year in Sport, the Monthly Stats animation will only be available in the Strava mobile app on Android and iOS via the Profile tab. It will provide a more visual output of the stats that Strava currently emails out monthly.

As with many of its enhanced features, including the changes to personal heatmaps made in January, the Monthly Stats feature will only be fully available to Strava users paying a monthly subscription, although free users will get a limited preview of their stats.

The new Monthly Stats feature is one of a stream of updates that Strava is making to the app, as it looks to revamp the experience and make more features available to its paying subscribers.


Maybe seeing that you cycled 500km less last month than the previous one will motivate you to get out a bit more. Or maybe you’ll just sink further into your sofa and trawl Netflix for yet another series you’ve missed. It’s your choice.