Strava finally adds progress chart to mobile app for all sports

Everything from yoga to inline skating will now be shown at the top of a user's profile

Graphic showing what the new Strava Personalised Progress Chart will look like

Strava has announced a new update to its mobile app that will allow users to see their top three sports in a Personalised Progress Chart at the top of their profile.


Previously, users could only see cycling, running and swimming on their profile’s progress chart but now they will be able to see any type of activity, from yoga to inline skating, and Strava says this will enable users “to display a more representative account of their activities.”

The sports shown will include any logged in the last 12 weeks and they will be ordered by time spent completing each activity type, with more recent activity prioritised over older activities.

Strava also says that this update will be visible on other users’ profiles, so you will be able to see what different types of activity the people you follow have been doing over the last three months – perhaps you’ll discover hours spent secretly kayaking has been key to your Strava frienenemy’s recent KOM success.

Available to all users

As opposed to the recent Group Challenges update – fully available to premium users only – this update will be free and available for all users across Android and iOS devices.

This might come as a relief for some after Strava made leaderboards and routes premium in 2020.

A sign of the times?

According to Strava, this new update was “highly requested by Strava’s global community.” Strava remains one of the best cycling apps and the update “will mean it is now easier than ever for athletes to learn more about how their community stays active.”

The request for this update might be reflective of how users have been recording a broader range of sports and more activities on the app over the last year.

There were 1.1 billion activities uploaded in 2020, nearly double the number recorded in 2019, with the coronavirus pandemic likely being the driver behind this uptick with people working from home more, not commuting and having more time for activity.

In fact, in the UK, the coronavirus lockdown in spring 2020 led to 82 per cent more logged outdoor activities in March and April than expected, according to Strava.

Much of the increase in this period was due to women uploading more activities, with a doubling of cycling activities by women, and there was also a tripling in the number of walks.


It is unlikely that this increase in activity will continue at such high levels as coronavirus restrictions in the UK begin to relax, but either way, it looks like Strava is taking a more responsive and holistic approach to how people stay active.