Super-reflective skinsuits for Dutch and Belgian world cyclocross teams

New jersey from Bio-Racer makes riders look like Tron extras

Watch out for sci-fi-style Dutch and Belgian riders at the cyclocross world championships this weekend – they’re wearing skinsuits that have been impregnated with an ultra-reflective material that turns arms into glow sticks.


The teams’ skinsuit manufacturers, Bio-Racer, launched the jersey on the eve of the championships in Hoogerheide, Holland today.

Robby Cox at BioRacer told BikeRadar that the high-vis material becomes extremely reflective under car headlights.

“It’s to improve visibility in the traffic. It’s just a sort of reflective material and it really lights up when you put a car light on it.”


He said the material, which BioRacer dub Pixel, will filter into other sections of the company’s range in following months.

Bio-Racer’s new skinsuit is ultra high-vis :