Team Sky creates partnership between Shimano’s PRO brand and K-Edge

New mount to be branded PRO

What does ProTour-powerhouse Team Sky do when their favorite handlebars aren’t compatible with any computer mounts? They make some introductions and Idaho-based K-Edge gets to work CNCing some very unique shapes. The major stumbling block is that while the PRO Vibe bars are very aero, they’re actually not round near the stem clamp. 

PRO’s latest Vibe handlebar isn’t round so K-Edge had to do some very intricate machine work
Russell Eich / Immediate Media

K-Edge PRO Vibe Race Mount features

  • Compatible with Garmin 820, 520, 510, 500, 25, 20
  • Inserts for Wahoo and Sigma available
  • 30 grams
  • Black anodized

The mount will be branded PRO and sold through Shimano
Russell Eich / Immediate Media

ProTour spec

The collaboration with World Tour teams is hardly a first for K-Edge. The company’s computer mounts and chain watchers can be found on seven of the 13 pro teams competing in the Tour de France. Team Astana even purchased K-Edge mounts since they weren’t sponsored by the brand.

Pricing and availability

Have some PRO Vibe bars that you love and need a computer mount? You’ll have to wait a bit as K-Edge reports it’s about two months out so the mounts should be available late November. Retail was estimated to $74.99, UK£ and AU$ TBD.