Could Tern’s new Quick Haul electric cargo bike replace your car?

Tern launches a more affordable, feature-packed electric cargo bike

Lifestyle image of the Tern Quick Haul with a rider riding in a city environment

Tern has launched the Quick Haul, a new electric cargo bike, optimised for convenience in the city. It is claimed to have an adaptable design, built with safety and carrying capacity in mind to help you enjoy the benefits of riding an electric bike.


The price for convenience is often high in the electric cargo market and Tern says it has made a point of aiming to hit a lower price bracket without major compromise.

For the Quick Haul, Tern has removed some of the premium features found on its other bikes, such as the HSD and GSD, but the brand says it retains the key core functionality.

The bikes retail from £2,800 / €2,999 / $2,999. Australian pricing is to be confirmed.

New Tern Quick Haul – what you need to know

  • Tern says it is designed for making life in the city easier, more convenient and fun 
  • Rated to carry up to 150kg 
  • Compatible with a Carla Cargo trailer, which can take up to another 150kg capacity 
  • Low step-through frame for convenience, and fits riders from 4ft 11in to 6ft 5in with its adjustable seatpost and handlebar 
  • Priced for the prospective future ebike tax credits in the USA

Built for city living and adaptable to your needs

Tern says the Quick Haul will handle most daily trips around town and it’s rated up to a hefty 150kg maximum gross vehicle weight.

It’s compatible with Tern’s ecosystem of modular accessories, so it can be customised for many purposes.

These accessories range from the Clubhouse Fort, which provides seating for children, to the Storm Box, made of tough waterproof fabric, that can act as a cover for small passengers or for hauling additional cargo.

Potential to double the capacity

Pack shot of the rear rack of the Tern Quick Haul
The rear rack provides a clean slate for mounting options.
Tern Bicycles

You can also pair the Quick Haul with a heavy-duty trailer such as the Carla Cargo. This doubles the capacity of the Quick Haul, and it can carry up to 150kg more.

Tern has designed a coupling that attaches the Carla Cargo trailer to a hitch mount on top of the rear rack of the Quick Haul, which it says ensures a stable ride even when heavily loaded.

The brand says that the Quick Haul is compatible with other trailers, but has not elaborated on which models are compatible and what mounting provisions there are to attach them. We have asked for further details.

Adjustable fit and compact convenience

Pack shot of Tern Quick Haul's handlebar height adjustment feature
You can adjust the seatpost, as well as the handlebar height to suit.
Tern Bicycles

The Quick Haul features a seatpost and stem that telescopes up and down. The brand says that fit can be adjusted “in seconds and without tools” to fit riders from 150 to 195cm (4ft 11in to 6ft 5in).

Tern says the Quick Haul is shorter than a regular bike, which makes it easier to manoeuvre on busy urban streets or in transit hubs such as bus, train or ferry terminals.

A Tern Quick Haul owner storing the bike against a wall
Tern’s Vertical Parking feature in action.
Tern Bicycles

The Quick Haul also utilises Tern’s Vertical Parking feature, which allows the bike to sit stationary and securely when it’s flipped vertically to stand on its rack. This is designed to make it easier should you be taking the bike in an elevator while transporting it, and is said to work as a handy home storage solution.

Tern Quick Haul motor

Pack shot of a Bosch Performance Line motor on a Tern Quick Haul electric cargo bike
Bosch is on motor duty.
Tern Bicycles

All Quick Hauls are specced with Bosch‘s Performance Line motor and battery system, Tern pointing to Bosch’s reliability and ubiquity within the market. All models feature hydraulic disc brakes and Shimano drivetrains.

Tern Quick Haul pricing

The new Quick Haul line-up initially includes two models, the D8 and the P9.

The D8 features a Bosch Active Line Plus system, with a Shimano Acera 1×8 drivetrain.

The P9 steps up to either a Bosch Performance Line or Performance Line Sport system and a Shimano Alivio 1×9 drivetrain.

Tern says there will be a third model, the P5i, which will be introduced first in Europe. It features a Performance Line motor and a Shimano Nexus hub with a chain, or you can opt for a Gates belt-drive system.

Tern advises that colours and specs vary between regions. Expected availability is from June.

US eBike Act

Tern has priced the Quick Haul with the US eBike Act in mind.

Should this act receive approval in the USA, qualifying individuals could receive up to 30 per cent tax credit. This can be applied to the purchase of a new electric bike, with up to $900 of benefit value.


The Quick Haul enables you to get the maximum possible tax credit due to its pricing, giving you the most bike for your buck.