The final frontier in bike weight saving: Silicone Tidds

Replace bottle cage bolts and save a couple of grams

Weight weenies after the world’s lightest bike will welcome the arrival of Silicone Tidds, which offer a magnificently marginal weight saving of… 2.76g.   


These little rubber thingies replace humble unused bottle cage bolts or pannier screws. They’re designed and marketed by a couple of software engineers who extol their weight saving and corrosion inhibiting properties, but admit they aren’t sure yet whether the idea will “fly or bomb”.

One of the co-founders, Tom Holt said: “Looking around the forums and at some of the feedback we’ve had this week, a few guys have said [they’d] been looking for this for ages.”

BikeRadar‘s sophisticated kitchen scales don’t measure grams to a decimal place, so we can’t confirm or deny whether a Tidd does indeed weigh the claimed 0.24g. But the scales didn’t even register them, which is a good thing.

Silicone tidds: so light, our scales didn’t register them : silicone tidds: so light, our scales didn’t register them
Sam Dansie/Future Publishing

Silicone Tidds: light

A standard bolt tipped the scales at 3g, which means that gram for gram, the Tidds pretty damn effective. You can use them in pannier bolts holes too. We tried a set out to check they fitted. They did.  

And while they might be light, they cost a very weighty £3.99 and would mean you’d be denied the luxury of carrying performance-enhancing water.

It’s early to be thinking this far ahead, but as a decent, cheap novelty gift for cyclists this Christmas the founders of Silicone Tidds, with their jokey ‘show us your tidds‘ schtick, are probably onto a winner.  


They ship worldwide and you can buy them online at