Video: Danny MacAskill Imaginate video ups riding content

Trials rider gets back to full-time training

Tanks and a giant airbag make it into the latest Danny MacAskill Imaginate video – plus, there’s a whole lot more new riding footage from the Scottish trials star.


In the fourth episode of the five-part ‘making of’ Imaginate series, MacAskill spends a lot more time on the bike, practising the tricks that turned him into a viral video sensation in films such as Industrial Revolutions and Way Back Home.

Danny MacAskill gets back to full time training in the latest Imaginate video.

In the latest Imaginate video, the Scot admits that his riding is below par after recovering from a back injury: “I’m feeling the pressure now to try to produce the riding. Everyone has put in the work and it’ll be my turn soon.”  

The pressure never appears to break the surface, however, and he still finds the time to lark about, balancing on the barrel of a moving tank.

The fifth and final part of the ‘making of’ Red Bull Imaginate series launches on 2 June. 


Update: The finished Imaginate film has now been released.