Video: Danny MacAskill’s ‘Industrial Revolutions’

Blinding display of skill and balance at a Scottish ironworks

For his latest video, Industrial Revolutions, Danny MacAskill heads to an old ironworks and railway yard in the Scottish countryside where he makes the most of the crumbling masonry and train carriages with a blinding display of skill and balance.


The clip was filmed by Cut Media/MTBcut’s Stu Thomson for Concrete Circus, a TV documentary about ‘urban’ sports which aired on Channel 4 in the UK last night. The show also featured skateboarding, BMX and parkour, but Danny’s section was a standout.

“We wanted something different from Danny’s other videos but as I’m from a mountain bike background I didn’t want to produce a standard ‘urban’ bmx style video,” said Stu. “We looked hard for a location that would have a character in the film and make it very different from the others.”

Danny said: “We were pretty tight on time making it, as I’ve had a busy year, but with Stu’s filming skills and a great soundtrack I think we’ve managed to pull off a fun little film… spread it, if you like it!”

MacAskill’s clips count among the most popular videos on YouTube ever. The 26-year-old’s Inspired Bicycles edit has had 26 million views and the follow-up Way Back Home is already up to 12 million. Look out for more Danny Mac news on BikeRadar later today.


You can watch Industrial Revolutions below:

Danny macaskill’s industrial revolutions