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Latest action camera to land on our desk

The helmet cam market has exploded in recent times. Increasingly novel ways to capture your ride – GoPro’s 3D camera is a case in point – mean companies are having to do more to stand out from the crowd.


So how does GoBandit’s £299.99 cam stand up against the rest? We shot some footage on our local trails, and you can watch a snippet below (a full video will be available soon).

While capable of recording high-definition video, the GoBandit’s 720p resolution (at 30 frames per second) isn’t quite the 1,080p full HD of competitor cams like the GoPro Helmet HERO and Drift HD170. It has a 135-degree wide angle lens and can shoot five megapixel still images, but lacks a viewfinder.

The advantage this 145g camera has over its similarly priced rivals is GPS connectivity (the ContourGPS has this but costs £70 more). This means you can add ride data such as speed, altitude and position to your videos, adding an extra dimension to your footage. Claimed battery life is also good, at three hours in HD mode.

Other features include a waterproof case and LCD screen (for battery and GPS status). Mounts are available for vented helmets, goggles and handlebars. The free GoBandit iPhone app might appeal to some, allowing you to upload, edit and share your videos on GoBandit’s online community.


To find out more about the camera, visit the website of GoBandit’s UK distributors, Assist Creative Resources. Look out for a review in What Mountain Bike magazine and on BikeRadar soon.

GoBandit gps hd video camera