Video: Twenty niners can jump…

Chris Doney flaunts it aboard a singlespeed Charge 29er

There are still a lot of mountain bikers who refuse to opt for a 29in wheel. Some more playful riders say 29ers don’t jump or manual as well as bikes with 26in hoops, others say they’re simply not enough fun, and some can’t handle the less graceful looks. Add the complication of 650b into the mix and you’ve got a debate that will rage on and on.


But if one thing’s for sure it’s that pro mountain biker Chris Doney doesn’t have any issues with making larger wheels do what he wants them to – watch him in this new video from Charge Bikes, as he shreds his lightly modified Cooker singlespeed 29er, and you’ll see what we mean.

Twenty niners can jump

The moral of this video? Stop worrying about your wheels and start worrying about your skills. Martyn Ashton had no issue with 29in wheels, nor drop bars, road geometry, a road groupset and caliper brakes… Remember?