Wahoo RGT rivals Zwift steering with the Kickr Steer

Thumb buttons on the handlebar-mounted device control your indoor avatar

Male cyclist pressing Wahoo Kickr Steer thumb paddle

Wahoo has introduced steering to the RGT Cycling app through handlebar-mounted thumb paddles, Kickr bike buttons and app screen or keyboard arrows.

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In doing so, Wahoo becomes the latest indoor cycling app to add an element of skill to virtual bike racing, following the introduction of Zwift steering in 2020.

Wahoo says users will be able to direct their avatar around corners and other virtual riders.

Although there won’t be crashes, if you fail to steer around another person, you will be held up for a couple of seconds before being allowed past.

If you don’t want to steer, for example in a tough interval session, the ‘auto-avoidance’ option in the settings disables steering.

How does Wahoo RGT steering work?

The Kickr Steer fits between the handlebar hoods.

The Kickr Steer device attaches to 31.8mm handlebars and is operated by left and right thumb paddles. The Steer’s dual-purpose premium mount can hold a phone or Wahoo bike computer.

On its own, the Steer costs £89.99, or £179.99 bundled with an annual Wahoo X membership.

On the Kickr Bike, the integrated thumb buttons will also permit steering on Wahoo RGT. They previously only allowed steering on Wahoo’s rival Zwift.

If you don’t wish to buy additional hardware, steering in the Wahoo RGT remote or game app on mobile or desktop is free for Wahoo X subscribers. On your phone or tablet, you press arrows on the app display or click the arrow keys on a computer keyboard.

Why has Wahoo introduced steering to RGT Cycling?

It’s also possible to tap the arrows on the app screen to turn.

Wahoo’s first indoor cycling app, Wahoo SYSTM, prioritises training over gamification and simulated reality. However, Wahoo’s acquisition of RGT Cycling added virtual riding worlds to its portfolio.

The brand says the purchase helped fulfil a long-held ambition to incorporate steering into its platform, narrowing the gap between indoor and outdoor cycling training.

The change makes competing against other riders on Wahoo RGT more akin to Zwift racing. This further complicates the Zwift vs Wahoo X vs TrainerRoad conundrum as Wahoo X’s product becomes more diverse.

What else is new to Wahoo X?

The new Kickr Race mode uses its smart trainers’ WiFi and Direct Connect feature to transmit power up to 10 times faster than standard trainers (currently 1Hz), according to Wahoo.

The fitness company claims this affords riders a competitive edge because they’ll be able to react sooner to attacks.

Race mode will be synced automatically to the latest Wifi-enabled Wahoo Kickr V6, while the new software will be included on the incoming Wahoo Kickr Bike.

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Owners of older-generation trainers, such as the Kickr V5, can access Race mode with the Kickr Direct Connect WiFi adaptor.