New Wheels Manufacturing kit converts XD freehubs to a singlespeed setup

Turning your bike into a singlespeed might have just gotten easier with the Solo-XD conversion kit

Wheels Manufacturing Solo-XD

Wheels Manufacturing’s new Solo-XD singlespeed conversion kit enables you to run a singlespeed cog on SRAM XD and XDR freehubs.

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The brand says the Solo-XD offers a cost-effective alternative to singlespeed gearing, with riders no longer needing to purchase a new wheelset or replacement freehub.

The Solo-XD will be available with 16, 18, and 20-tooth narrow-wide cog options, and is available in seven colour options.

Wheels Manufacturing says it expects the conversion kit to be available in late August.

Single sleeve design

Wheels Manufacturing Solo-XD
A lockring is used to secure the cog and spacers.
Wheels Manufacturing

Some singlespeed cogs can dig into the splines on the freehub driver. This is because the cog focuses all the power from the cranks onto one point in the driver.

To avoid this, Wheels Manufacturing’s design uses a sleeve that slides onto the driver and covers similar to how a standard cassette would. Once this base sleeve is attached, the cog and spacer slide over it and are secured by a lock ring.

Wheels Manufacturing say this allows pedal force to be evenly distributed across the freehub body stopping your driver from getting chewed up.

One of few options

Wheels Manufacturing Solo-XD on bike
Singlespeed setups are favoured for their simplicity and low maintenance.
Wheels Manufacturing

There are many singlespeed conversion kits on the market for Shimano HG-style freehubs but this is one of only very few options for XD and XDR freehubs.

The Reverse Component’s XD singlespeed uses a similar CNC’d construction offering a 13-tooth and 14-tooth cog size. The cogs are integrated into the conversion kit and cannot be swapped.

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Gusset also offers its XD 1-ER conversion kit. This uses bolt-on cogs available in a range of sizes from 16-tooth to 22-tooth.