Wiggle Dragon Ride site crashes with entry demand

Human Race website buckles as 20,000 cyclists attempt to enter race

The Dragon Ride is one of the UK's most beautiful, and popular, sportives

Thousands of cyclists crashed the Human Race servers yesterday morning, as entries opened for the 2015 edition of the Wiggle Dragon Ride sportive, which takes place on 7 June.


With sportives becoming ever more popular – and the Dragon Ride being widely respected and applauded as being one of the UK’s very best – it’s perhaps no surprise that a huge number of cyclists were poised over their computer mice as entries went live at 9am. An unprecedented 20,000 athletes seeking entry was too much for Human Race’s server however, causing the the crash.

The site was intermittently down, with patient and determined athletes managing to enter after feverish refreshing, but the site wasn’t back to full functionality until today.

Human Race CEO, Nick Rusling, said: “We would like to apologise for the problems the Human Race Events website experienced yesterday. Over 20,000 people tried to log on in the first 30 minutes, and despite a significant upgrade in preparation for the launch, it simply could not cope with demand. Extra measures are now in place to ensure it can manage everybody logging back on today”.


Human Race have advised that the entry website is now back online and that cyclists should hurry to enter before spaces sell out.