Wiggle launches range of energy gels and hydration tablets

Online retailer wades into the sports nutrition market

UK-based online retailer Wiggle has entered the sports nutrition market with a new range of energy gels, caffeine gels and low-calorie hydration tablets.


Wiggle explained that the selection of products is based on the latest scientific research. “We worked closely with athletes from a range of sports to create gels that taste great, and are absorbed quickly to give an instant and long-lasting energy boost,” said Christina Lindquist, own brand marketing manager.

The new 38g Wiggle energy gels come in a pack of 20 and cost £14.49, while a tube of hydration tablets is priced at £2.99.

Wiggle's new energy gel
Wiggle’s new energy gel:

The gels come in orange and blackcurrant flavours, while the Wiggle caffeine gel is available in citrus flavour and contains 30mg of caffeine. The gels are suitable for vegans, and deliver 90 calories (284kJ) and 120mg of electrolytes from 22.6g of carbohydrates.

The hydration tablets contain a mix of balanced electrolytes, contain fewer than seven calories and are available in lemon or blackcurrant flavours.


Wiggle also has plans to launch a ready-to-mix carbohydrate energy drink later this month and a range of energy bars towards the end of the year.