Wiggle reveals cycling trends

Social media survey shows favourite snacks and riding must-haves

Tools, bananas and time on the bike – that's what cyclists want!

Online retailer Wiggle has revealed the results of its social media survey into the habits of UK cyclists. The unscientific data shows that a banana is the go-to snack for cyclists, with 31 per cent of the 280 respondents picking the fruit’s chewy goodness over alternatives such as jelly sweets and flapjacks (both six per cent).


Puncture kits and tools were listed as the most essential ride accessories – 28 per cent of respondents put these even above water and food (22 per cent) or a phone for emergencies (13 per cent).

As for the best bit of cycling advice riders had been given, 18 per cent of respondents highlighted the importance of a well fitting bike, while 11 per cent recommended the use of padded shorts to stave off chafing. A further eight per cent said the best advice was just to continue cycling.

Finally, the Surrey Hills were deemed as the favourite riding location, having gained five per cent of the votes, pipping the Lake District and Yorkshire (both four per cent) and the Peaks and Cornwall (both three per cent).

Along the way, Wiggle recorded some words of wisdom on what cyclists wished they had known prior to taking up the sport. Answers included:

“How good and friendly cycling clubs were to new cyclists!”

“Whatever the weather, just ride”

“Don’t put up with uncomfortable kit! Saddles, shorts or shoes – whatever it is if you don’t get on with it then change it; you’ll be able to ride for longer in more comfort”

“It will break and you can fix it”

“A 25-tooth cog wasn’t enough”

“Anglesey isn’t flat”


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