Wilier claims its 10.2kg Cento10 Hybrid is lightest e-road bike yet

Italian brand's latest e-road bike takes stealth power to the next level and weighs in at just 10.2kg

Cento10HY electric road bike

Wilier Triestina has launched the Cento10 Hybrid with the claim that at under 10.2kg, it sets a new record for an e-road bike’s weight. Based on the Cento10Pro flagship race bike, the Cento10 Hybrid picks up where the Cento1 Hybrid left off and is an electric bike that looks as close to an unpowered machine as is currently possible.


Lighter and more aero than the Cento1 Hybrid

Wilier claims that the Cento10 Hybrid is seven per cent lighter than the Cento1 Hybrid and that this weight saving converts to a 4.5 percent reduction in battery consumption.

The downtube is slim thanks to a new battery configuration and the bottom bracket apes the non-powered bike's.
The downtube is slim thanks to a new battery configuration and the bottom bracket apes the non-powered bike’s.
Rob Spedding / Immediate Media

Like the Cento1 Hybrid, the 10 is based around Ebikemotion’s rear-hub based power unit. The battery sits in the downtube which on the Cento10 Hybrid  is slimmer than that of the Cento1. Wilier says they achieved this simply by rotating the battery by 90 degrees.

The rear hub-based motor provides three levels of shove.
The rear hub-based motor provides three levels of shove.
Rob Spedding / Immediate Media

Like it’s wind-cheating non-electric sibling, the the Cento10 Hybrid boasts aero touches: all cabling is internal, profiles are truncated and Wilier has also managed to keep the usually chunky bottom bracket area found on e-road machines reasonably compact — the Q factor is the same as that of the regular Cento10PRO. Wilier reckons the Cento10 Hybrid is eight percent more slippery than the Cento1 Hybrid.

High end e-road bike
You’d never know it was an e-bike.

We’re fans of the Ebikemotion’s discreet ‘helping shove’ style of assistance. Three levels of power are available up to 250w, and power selection is done with the iWoc button.

This is a simple  system — just push the button to cycle through different LED colours that signify power levels. On the Cento10 Hybrid, though, Wilier has moved this from its slightly awkward top tube position to just behind the bars next to the stem.

The bar mounted iWoc button from the Wilier Cento10 Hybrid
The iWoc power control button is now more conveniently placed.
Rob Spedding / Immediate Media

This is a welcome move in our opinion as that top tube mounting on the Cento1 Hybrid — and the Orbea Gain — meant taking your eye off the road and a hand of the bar when switching power modes. Wilier’s solution allows you to fiddle while keeping your hands safely atop the aero Alabarda bars.


Prices for the Wilier Cento10 Hybrid will start at €7,900 for a Shimano Ultegra Di2 equipped model with Wilier Triestina alloy wheels, and top out at €11,200 for carbon wheels and Dura-Ace Di2.