Zipp goes tubular with 303 Firecrest and 454 NSW wheels

Showstopper brake tracks, discs and Sawtooth dimples for the tire-gluing set

SRAM’s wheel and component brand Zipp has updated a slew of its professional-grade gear for 2018, including new rim- and disc-brake 303 and 454 wheels models, as well as Service Course handlebars. SRAM also has new performance clinchers.


Zipp 303 Firecrest Tubular rim- and disc-brake wheels

The 303 Firecest tubular disc brake has ABLC Sawtooth dimpling and works with any type of axle standard
Courtesy Zipp

Zipp’s stalwart 45mm-rim wheels get a refresh for 2018, which include the etched Showstopper brake track for the rim-brake wheels and the ABLC Sawtooth dimpled design on both rim- and disc-brake models.

Both Zipp 303 sets can be configured to work with an XDR driver body for a 10-42 cassette. This requires a separately sold XDR driver body, but does not require the wheel to be redished.

The 303 disc set comes with axle end caps to work with virtually any frame type: quick release, 15mm thru-axles and 12mm thru-axles.

The 303 Firecrest tubular rim brake wheels get the etched Showstopper brake track
Courtesy Zipp

The 303 Firecrest tubular rim-brake wheelset weighs a claimed 1,339g (593g front, 746g rear) with 18 front spokes and 24 rear spokes. The 45mm rim bulges to 25mm at its widest point. Retail is £1,986 / $2,200 / €2,200.

The Zipp 303 Firecrest tubular disc-brake wheel weighs a claimed 1,410g (655g front, 755g rear) with the same rim dimensions but 24 spokes front and rear. Retail for the 303 Firecrest disc is £2,321 / $2,500 / €2,600.

Zipp 454 Firecrest Tubular rim- and disc-brake wheels

Zipp’s distinctive 454 NSW wheels now come in tubulars models for rim and disc brake
Courtesy Zipp

Zipp made waves with its 454 inspired-by-humpback-whales shape, and now that Sawtooth rim is available as a tubular for rim and disc brakes

Retail for the 1,435g 454 NSW rim-brake wheels is £3,417 / $4,000 / €4,000.

Retail for the 1,515g 454 NSW disc wheelset is also £3,417 / $4,000 / €4,000.

Service Course SL 80 Ergo and 80 Ergo

The Zipp Service Course 80 Ergo has a flattened top with a slight backsweep and a slight outsweep in the drops
Courtesy Zipp

Zipp’s alloy Service Course bars have found favor among pro riders and fitters alike, and now the company has a couple of 80mm reach options with a slightly flattened top.

The SL 80 Ergo has a flatted top with a 3-degree backsweep, plus a 4-degree outsweep at the drops.

The SL 80 Ergo bars are compatible with clip-ons and Di2, the latter thanks to a hole in the driveside drop.

The SL 80 Ergo weighs a claimed 275g in a 42cm bar made of 7050 aluminum.

Zipp Service Course 80 Ergo and SL 80 Ergo bars work with Di2 thanks to a little drilling
Courtesy Zipp

The 80 Ergo has the same shape made from 6061 aluminum for a claimed weight of 315g in a42cm bar.

Both 125mm drop bars come in 38, 40, 42 and 44cm widths.

The Service Course SL 80 Ergo is £109 / $110/ €123 and the Service Course 80 Ergo is  

£54 / $55 / €61.

Zipp Tangente Speed R25 and Tangente Course R25

Zipp also refined its 25mm Speed R and Course R tires with a claimed improvement in cornering grip. BikeRadar tested 25mm and 28mm Tangente Speed tires in Wheel Energy’s lab for rolling resistance, and they came out very well.

The Speed is a slightly faster tire as it has no puncture-protection belt, while the Course is still rated for fast riding, but with more puncture resistance.


Retail is £68 / $70 / €76 for the Speed R25 and £58 / $68 / €70 for the Course R25.