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NEO Bike Smart

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Forget everything you know about indoor cycling – the NEO Bike Smart takes it all to the next level

The launch of the NEO Bike Smart is set to take the indoor cycling world by storm. Without question, it’s the most revolutionary and innovative smart training bike ever created. So silent you can hear a pin drop, so accurate it measures power within a range of 1%, and so realistic it’s hard to believe you’re not on the road. Does it offer everything the serious rider could need from a trainer? Yes, it does – with a few extras thrown in!


With NEO Bike Smart, Tacx has integrated all the best features of its famous NEO Smart to create a fitness bike that exceeds all expectations. It’s got road feel – so your legs feel the vibrations just the same as if you were travelling over cobblestones, gravel or adventuring off-road. Dynamic inertia and descent simulation are there too, to ensure a thrilling downhill experience.

But it doesn’t stop there. With NEO Bike Smart, there’s also virtual shifting and the option of setting up gear feel. You know that small vibration when you switch gear on an actual bike? You’ll feel it on this baby. There’s also pedal stroke analysis with left and right detection, so you can see exactly where the power is coming from. And best of all, it’s completely maintenance-free!

NEO Bike Smart

Unique features at a glance

●    Fully customisable

●    Maintenance-free

●    Completely silent

●    Virtual shifting (patented)

●    Internal transmissions

●    Gear feel

●    Integrated air fans

●    Integrated display

●    Standalone mode

●    Controllable buttons

●    Phone and tablet holder

●    NEO features: Road feel, descent simulation, Isokinetic and Isotonic mode, dynamic inertia

●    Accuracy within 1% over the complete range without calibration

●    2,200-watt power and up to 25% incline

●    Pedal stroke analysis

NEO Bike Smart

Your ride, your way

What’s so impressive about the NEO Bike Smart trainer is that it’s fully adjustable to suit cyclists and triathletes. With customisable pedals, handlebars, saddle and even crank lengths, you can create a comfortable ride experience that’s hard to separate from the real thing. The two integrated interactive fans on the handlebars also adjust the airflow to the speed, power or heart rate as you train, helping you keep your cool, even on the toughest training days.

Plug and play

There’s no messing about with NEO Bike Smart. Straight out of the box, you can be ‘on the road’ in a matter of minutes. And for the ultimate experience, this intelligent trainer easily connects to your favourite software, like the Tacx Desktop app and Zwift. Just watch how easy it is to get going.

TACX | A Garmin company

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