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NEO Bike Smart

The strong, silent type

Quieter and more powerful than ever before, the new NEO 2T Smart is your perfect training partner

If you thought the NEO 2 Smart trainer was impressive, just wait until you’ve tried the latest model from cycling innovator Tacx, the NEO 2T Smart. In a revolutionary move, Tacx has created something that was previously thought impossible – a completely silent trainer. It’s time to listen up!


How is this possible? By redesigning the internal components, Tacx has been able to significantly improve the stillness as well as the power of its new machine. The noise coming from internal air displacements is reduced, along with the vibrations that are transferred to the floor. And with a new motor, you’ll notice a smoother, more powerful ride, especially during a climb or acceleration.

What’s new?

Here’s a quick round-up of everything that’s new and improved with the NEO 2T Smart trainer:

Even quieter

By redesigning the magnets, the stillness has been greatly improved. The noise coming from internal air displacement is reduced, along with the vibrations noticed at a low cadence, that were being transferred to the floor.

Pedal stroke analysis

The original trainer was equipped with a capacitive left and right detection sensor to accurately measure the exact position of both your legs. With standard ANT+ Cycling dynamics added, it’s now possible to analyse your pedal stroke through your favourite software.

More torque

The NEO 2 Smart had some virtual slip, especially when in a low gear or during steep climbs. This has been massively improved by using stronger magnets to give an improved ride feel.

New axle design

The rear axle of the NEO 2T Smart has been redesigned to make it compatible with nearly all bikes, without the need for adapters. You’ll only need an adaptor for bikes that are 135x10 or 135x12.

Out in front


The NEO 2T Smart is without question the most powerful, realistic and accurate direct drive trainer on the market – and even quieter than ever thought possible. As you’d expect from Tacx, road feel, dynamic inertia and descent simulation are all built in. But now you also have a very powerful resistance unit capable of recreating incline gradients of up to 25% and sprints up to 2200-watts. And if it’s precision you’re looking for, this trainer can track your performance and supply data that’s accurate to within 1%.


Plug and play

Straight out of the box, you can get your bike ‘on the road’ in minutes with NEO 2T Smart – with no calibration needed. For the ultimate experience, this intelligent trainer also easily connects to your favourite software, like the Tacx Desktop app, Zwift or TrainerRoad. Just watch how easy it is to set up.

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