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Guee Sol 800+ and Guee Cob X light set review

Good range of power levels and super-bright day mode

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4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0
GBP £86.00 RRP | USD $96.00 | AUD $160.00
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Road bike light set from Guee

Our review

A decent pairing for the money and the Guee Sol 800+’s ambient sensor should maximise running times
Pros: All the features you want, cool running and an ambient sensor
Cons: Not the neatest looking front light
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Guee’s Sol 800+ front light is a chunky affair with a few unusual features beneath its somewhat inelegant CNC-machined exterior.


It has the usual Steady modes that you’d expect from an 800-lumen light – a high 800 lumens, medium 400 lumens and low 250 lumens – and a couple of flash modes from a 250-lumen option to a stonkingly bright 1,200-lumen Dayflash.

The Sol 800+ also has an internal Smart Ambient Sensor (SAS), which means that if the ambient light decreases suddenly when you’re riding, the light automatically increases its output. Also, the light’s cooling technology meant it was cooler to the touch than a lot of the lights I’ve tested recently.

On the second highest setting, the one I used most for my long-distance commute, I managed a few minutes over the claimed four-hour run-time, while at the highest output I got bang-on the claimed two hours. If you’re riding at dusk or dawn, Guee’s ambient sensor should help maximise these run times.

The lithium-polymer battery powers a single Cree LED that delivers a medium spread with a decent amount of peripheral lighting too. There was a tiny shadow at the centre, but this didn’t affect its illumination.

There’s a similar air of solidity to the Guee Sol 800+’s tool-free mounting system. It takes a little bit of an effort to stretch the bracket around the bar, but once it’s on it really isn’t going anywhere. The knurled nut provides a reassuring level of solidity and security, with a second nut and bolt letting you adjust the vertical angle of the light.

The light itself just slots securely and neatly into the top and you can also use the mount for GoPro cameras.

Guee Cob X rear light

The Guee Cob X rear is a simple but effective rear light. On its top-level 25-lumen Steady mode I managed the full, claimed five hours before it gave up entirely – although it did start to dim about halfway through.

In addition to its High and Standard steady modes, the Cob X rear has Strobe, Flash and Burst settings – the latter giving a claimed 36 hours of battery life. It charges up to full in well under two hours, has a 160-degree spread and at 25g you’re not going to be weighed down.

Its simple integrated rubber strap attaches easily to seatposts and you can also mount it horizontally. It’s available in various colours too, if you like a little coordination.


Guee Sol 800+ and Guee Cob X light set overall

Guee’s setup formed a very attractive pairing for commuting, and was bright enough for unlit surfaced routes, but although the front light is tough and the price reasonable, it’s not exceptional. The settings that you’ll use most of the time have reasonable run-times though, which is reassuring.

Product Specifications


Price AUD $160.00GBP £86.00USD $96.00
Brand Guee


Features Front Weight: 180
Front Output: 800, 400, 250 lumens, 1200l Dayflash
Front Light/Modes: five modes plus ambient setting
Rear Weight: 25g
Rear Output: 25 lumens
Rear Light/Modes: five modes, three flashing
Light type Front and rear