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Spatz Thrmoz Deep Winter Gloves review

Lightweight and versatile winter gloves, but not without issues

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3.0 out of 5 star rating 3.0
GBP £80.00 RRP | EUR €95.00
Spatz Thrmoz Deep Winter Gloves

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The lobster claw overgloves add versatility, but the long cuffs don’t work well unless you have skinny arms
Pros: Lobster claw covers provide more warmth; large grippy surface
Cons: Fairly thin fabric; long, narrow cuffs can prove awkward
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The Spatz Thrmoz Deep Winter Gloves are relatively lightweight, but the option to flip the novel lobster claw outers over your fingers enables you to increase the warmth they provide.


There’s a large, grippy surface to the palms, but the long cuff won’t fit over your cycling jacket unless you have skinny arms.

And despite the finger covers, the gloves are suited best to single-digit temperatures rather than anything colder.

Spatz Thrmoz Deep Winter Gloves specifications

The palm is covered in a silicone pattern.
Kaden Gardener / Our Media

Spatz Wear’s cycling kit, such as its extra-long Roadman 3 overshoes that extend up to the knee, offers a different approach.

The Spatz Thrmoz Deep Winter Gloves are longer than many winter cycling gloves, with a zipped cuff that stretches to the mid-forearm.

The gloves are quite thin, with no extra insulation, and rely on a Roubaix-style, fleece-backed fabric to provide warmth.

However, they have a trick up their sleeve, or rather on the back of their palms, with a lobster claw overglove that’s hidden under a flap and can be rolled out to protect your fingers, covering them in pairs so they’re huddled together.

The lobster claw is a novel design feature.
Kaden Gardener / Our Media

Spatz has grip covered too, with a silicone pattern across the entire palm, which then extends to the base of the fingers and thumb.

There’s an extra pad over the heel of the palm, but otherwise the palms use the same thin fabric as the back of the gloves.

The thumb and forefinger feature touchscreen tips, while you get shouty Spatz logos and a reflective band on the gloves’ backs.

Spatz Thrmoz Deep Winter Gloves performance

There’s more silicone on the index finger tip to improve grip.
Kaden Gardener / Our Media

Although they’re billed as deep-winter kit, the Spatz Thrmoz gloves are quite thin.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing because, at least in the southern UK, mild and damp usually replaces bitter and dry for most of the off-season.

The finger covers help increase warmth at the start of a ride, if you get rained on, or if you misjudge the conditions.

With these covers in place, the Thrmoz gloves are suitable for temperatures in the mid-single digits Celsius.

Without the covers, mid-to-upper single digits is about right. Either way, I wouldn’t recommend these as a true ‘deep-winter’ option in colder temperatures.

The long cuffs were too tight to zip up over our tester’s jacket.
Kaden Gardener / Our Media

I found the long cuffs awkward, because they’re too tight on my arms to zip up over a jacket, as they’re apparently designed to be worn.

They’ll fit under a jacket better, but even then they’re tight and you need to sort out all the layers once you’re ready to ride.

If you do need to take off your gloves mid-ride, you need to peel all the layers back to reach the zips. I ended up wearing them with the zips open, which rather defeats the purpose of having the extra arm length.

The white silicone pad on the index finger tip gives good grip on the bike’s shifters, although it’s not very effective for swiping a bike computer screen.

However, Spatz has cut a slot in the index finger below the tip, which you can poke the end of your finger out of, enabling you to perform more precise screen functions with ease.

Whereas many gloves are offered in five or more sizes, the Spatz Thrmoz gloves are only available in three.

Spatz Thrmoz Deep Winter Gloves bottom line

These gloves are lighter in weight than their Deep Winter name suggests.
Kaden Gardener / Our Media

It feels as if Spatz is trying to be a bit too clever with the Deep Winter Thrmoz gloves.

The lobster claws are a nice addition to help add warmth to what is quite a lightweight glove. However, the ‘deep-winter’ description won’t be accurate for most riders.


Unless you have skinny arms, the long cuffs won’t fit over a jacket sleeve and wearing them under a jacket is a little awkward.

Product Specifications


Price EUR €95.00GBP £80.00
Weight 90g (M)
Brand Spatz wear


Features Sizes: S, M, L
Gender Men's