Capo Cortina long-sleeve women’s jersey review

Flattering and fast drying choice

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A flattering cut with a versatile temperature range and fast drying fabrics
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Capo’s Cortina long-sleeve jersey is well suited for the broad spectrum of ‘cool weather’ riding in the San Francisco Bay Area, notorious for its fast changing, highly location-dependant climates and often bone-chilling dampness. We wore it as a layering piece on a cold day hovering around -4°C (25°F) but it was equally effective on its own in temperatures over 16°C (60°F). 


Credit for the wide comfort range goes to the trim cut, high neck and fleecy interior, which all limit drafts and trap warm air next to the body, but also the “Micro Quattro” fabric’s excellent wicking capabilities and fast-drying nature. We stayed reasonably dry in both fog and intermittent showers, and the jersey is hardly even damp after coming out of a washing machine’s spin cycle.

In Capo’s typically stylish fashion, those materials are arranged in an attractive, subtle design in basic black with white and red accents, and a fitted, flattering cut. Construction quality is outstanding. Every seam is tightly stitched and reinforced, zippers are beefy and the fabric choices are top-notch. Our test jersey has been washed dozens of times and still looks as good as the day it arrived.

Good looks, quality fabrics and excellent construction aside, though, things aren’t all perfect. The form-fitting cut looks great and the lack of elastic and a gentle flare at the bottom are flattering but the Cortina jersey is a bit too snug on the arms unless you get a size bigger than normal – and if you do that, you have to deal with sleeves that are too long. Larger women might have trouble finding a size to fit into the snug pattern, too.

Capo also fit the Cortina jersey with just two rear pockets, both of which are far too small to be useful for winter riding. They’re barely big enough for a cell phone and one energy bar, and not even large enough to easily stow Capo’s own matching (and highly compressible) wind vest. A rain jacket will fit but not without a struggle and some uncomfortable barreling.


Finally, the Cortina also lacks any reflective fabric – a necessary component for winter’s short days – and the lower hem could use some extra length out back for extra coverage.

Product Specifications


Name Cortina Long Sleeve Jersey (11)
Brand Capo

Clothing Sizes Available L M S XS
Available Colours Red/White/Black