Revgrips Pro Series Half-Waffle grips review

Grips that move independently of lock-on collars to improve comfort

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3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5
GBP £100.00 RRP | USD $90.00 | AUD $153.00
Revgrips Pro Series

Our review

Expensive, but they’ll help with hand pain if you’re riding rough tracks over a prolonged period of time
Pros: Noticeable reduction in hand pain on rough trails compared to regular grips; you can set the grip to move enough to improve comfort without hindering control
Cons: Quite fiddly to assemble, with easy-to-lose parts; very expensive; not everyone will like the use of two lock-on collars
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Yes, you read the price correctly. The idea here is that the Revgrips Pro Series Half-Waffle grip can move independently of the lock-on collars in a bid to reduce the sting through your bar.


Each collar houses four shock-absorbing rubber inserts, which are slotted into place during assembly. The number and thickness (there are two sizes) of the washers between the collars and the grip then dictates how much they’ll move (torsional and axial), or as Revgrips puts it, how “firm” or “soft” they’ll feel.

More or thicker washers make for a softer-feeling grip. Putting the Revgrips together is straightforward enough but a little fiddly, due to the small parts. Luckily, Revgrips provides everything you need in the box.

I rode the grips in a multitude of settings and constantly went back-to-back with a standard grip for reference. While I didn’t like the softest setting (where they move noticeably in the hand), in the medium setting (one thin washer on either side) the movement isn’t obvious but the effect on comfort is.

As my hands fatigued over a day’s testing, I had less pain each time I switched back to the Revgrips, including on the final run of the day, when I was most tired. The difference was marginal, but I can see how this could help over multi-day trips.


Revgrips offers a 30-day money-back guarantee too.

Product Specifications


Price AUD $153.00GBP £100.00USD $90.00
Brand Revgrips


Features Adjustable: Soft to firm
Texture: 2 Options
Thickness: 3 Options Colours: 7x Sleeve / 8x Clamp