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BikeYoke Revive 2.0 dropper post review

Long travel and low stack height with an on-the-move bleed function make the Revive 2.0 a compelling purchase

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4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5
GBP £365.00 RRP
exc. remote
BikeYoke Revive 2.0 dropper seatpost for mountain bikes

Our review

The longest travel dropper post on the market manages to be one of the best performing too
Pros: A light touch on the bar lever is accompanied by silky smooth post action; low stack height from post collar to saddle rails give maximum clearance for descending; the 213mm travel post isn’t compact (unsurprisingly), but the rest of range has fairly compact insertion depths giving good frame compatibility
Cons: Quite expensive and the bar remote is an additional cost; the Revive function works perfectly, but the necessity of it may put off some riders
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The BikeYoke Revive 2.0 dropper seatpost has always been praised for its smooth action and compact size, but the previous model’s shortfall was its rather fiddly setup, with the cable clamped and adjusted at the post end.

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Now, with the Revive 2.0 coupled to BikeYoke’s new Triggy Alpha remote, it’s done away with that, as well as making a few design tweaks and adding a monster 213mm travel option to the line-up – making the Revive 2.0 the longest dropper post on the market.

BikeYoke Revive 2.0 specifications and details

In achieving the stiffness required for a 213mm travel post, BikeYoke says it had to re-engineer the chassis of the Revive, forging the upper tube from one piece to make it strong enough.

This is an update that’s been implemented across the range, in addition to a revised two-bolt saddle clamp, actuator lever and hard anodised internal pins that should last longer and stop any side-to-side play developing from the stanchion inside the shaft.

A notable design difference of BikeYoke’s post compared to other manufacturers is the absence of an IFP (internal floating piston). The advantage of this is fewer seals, less friction and less to go wrong, but it does mean that oil will start to mix with the air resulting in some sponginess and sagging.

This, however, is where the Revive feature comes in; and a simple twist of the 4mm Allen bolt located under the saddle clamp while you depress the post is all that’s needed to refresh it. It’s an easy trail-side fix any time the issue arises.

Trigger Alpha remote for the BikeYoke Revive 2.0 dropper seatpost for mountain bikes
The Trigger Alpha remote feels both light and precise.
Andy Lloyd / Immediate Media

With 213mm of travel on tap, the longest version of the Revive 2.0, which I’ve been testing, was never going to be the shortest or lightest post around, but provided your frame has the clearance for its lengthy 327mm max insertion, it’s a reason to rejoice if you have long legs.

The slim collar and super low 43mm stack keep it out the way when it’s down too.

However, at £365 without a remote included it’s quite expensive, but the shorter drops start from £299:

  • 125mm: £299
  • 160mm: £325
  • 185mm: £340
  • 213mm: £365

Post installation still requires the soldered end to be cut off the cable and a barrel nut fitted, but this is straightforward to do and with the Trigger Alpha remote, clamping and adjustment is done at the lever end.

The Trigger Alpha’s rotating clamp gives lots of control over positioning, but I found the bolt securing the cable, which isn’t enclosed, had a tendency to untwist the cable strands a little.

BikeYoke Revive 2.0 product performance

Because the thumb paddle on the Trigger Alpha remote pivots on bearings and pulls on a cam-operated actuator in the base of the post, it makes for a lever feel that is both light and precise.

It could well be the best feeling cable-operated dropper around, though return speed could perhaps be a little faster.

The Revive function is essential – it wasn’t uncommon for some springiness to develop – but it’s such an easy tune-up that I don’t see it as a downside.

The extra-long 213mm drop is great for achieving both optimum climbing height and getting the saddle well out the way for technical descents.

BikeYoke Revive 2.0 bottom line

The initial outlay for the Revive 2.0 may seem steep, but its consistently superb feel and serviceability certainly offset that. There are options for travel, post diameter and lever to suit all bikes, bodies and preferences too.

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  • BikeYoke Trigger Alpha remote: £65
  • Clamp: £10

Product Specifications


Price br_price, 5, 3, Price, GBP £365.00
Weight br_weight, 5, 6, Weight, 642g, Array, g
Brand br_brand, 5, 10, Brand, Bikeyoke


Features br_Features, 11, 0, Features, Available options
Sizes: 30.9, 31.6, 34.9mm (Revive Max)
Travel: 125, 160, 185, 213mm
Remote br_remote, 11, 0, Remote, Sold separately
Seatpost diameter br_seatpostDiameter, 11, 0, Seatpost diameter, 31.6mm
Travel br_travel, 11, 0, Travel, 213mm, Array, mm