Bont Blitz road shoes review

Mid-range footwear with a standout sole and comfort to match

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4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0
GBP £180.00 RRP | AUD $339.00
Bont's Blitz road shoes may not live up to the firm's hype, but they're damn fine kicks nonetheless

Our review

With their low weight, stiff sole and great fit, these are ready to race
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Bont says the Blitz is redefining the standards of mid-level road shoes. They’ve got everything you might expect from a pair of shoes at this level, but are they really as revolutionary as Bont claims?

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  • Highs: Comfortable fit with firm, supportive anatomically shaped chassis
  • Lows: So-so venting

The shape of the carbon and fibreglass composite sole, or in Bont’s terminology, the chassis, is significant because it’s cupped. The sides curve up to form a hull, which your foot sits in rather than on. It offers lateral foot support that stops the front of the foot from splaying outwards as pressure is applied to the pedals. The front of the sole is shaped to allow the foot room to sit in a natural position to prevent metatarsal constriction that can result in numbness or discomfort.

It’s an effective design and the sole strikes a great balance between providing a natural position for the foot, while offering lateral support; it’s comfortable and free from tight spots. With its 3.6mm stack height, the carbon composite means you’ve got a stiff platform when sprinting or grinding up an incline.

The Blitz is heat-malleable for a custom fit. This was useful as our left test sample pinched by the base of our tester’s little toe. Rectifying it was as easy as putting it in an oven at 70 degrees for 20 minutes (salt and pepper optional), then working the tight area open with a screwdriver blade.

During testing, the shoes have proved comfortable on rides of up to 80 miles and we haven’t had any problems with hot or numb feet. The closure system is reliable and effective. The combination of Boa dial and Velcro strap securely holds the foot in place without feeling constricted, and it’s easy to adjust on the move.

Venting is okay, but the Blitz isn’t the coolest shoe out there. Most of the venting comes from the mesh area above the toes, which allows air to flow over the top of the toes. It provides effective and noticeable cooling for that area, but the top of the foot doesn’t benefit hugely. Perforations in the side of the shoe allow heat and moisture to escape but the mesh vents in the toe bumpers don’t do much.

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So is it revolutionary? No, but the Blitz is very good. It has a comfortable and purposeful fit and feels sleek – just what you want from a race shoe. Weight is respectable too – our size 41s tipped the scales at 223g each. While the unfussy design is sure to appeal to some, Bont hedges its bets by offering the Blitz in a range of hues that look like the result of an explosion in a highlighter factory (as well as white).

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