Sidi Wire 2 road shoes review

Sidi’s sequel to the Wire

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5
GBP £330
White road cycling shoe

Our review

Sidi’s Wire 2 has sparkling performance to back up those attractive looks
Pros: Excellent power transfer, adjustment and foot retention
Cons: A little heavy, closures aren’t always quick to use

They’re not the lightest, and don’t follow the crowd, but Sidi’s shoes are always admired and lusted after, and these Sidi Wire 2s are no different.

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Sidis have always proved a narrow fit for me in the past, but I’ve gone for a half size larger than usual, and seem to have cracked it.

Goodbye cramped toes, this Wire 2 fits very well. Welded seams aren’t a Sidi thing yet, so it’s neat stitches all the way around the one-piece Tech-Pro microfibre upper, with its additional toe protector and tongue section. Two different textures alternately cover the uppers, with ventilating holes punched through the larger panels.

Where the industry has largely adopted BOA dials, Sidi continues to devlop its own rotary closures, with the two Tecno Push 3 dials here being among the most recent.

The carbon sole has replaceable walking bumpers, a midsole vent and a sliding toe vent that can be fixed open or closed depending on preference

It’s less intuitive than BOA, and quite intricate, but as ever, all small Sidi parts are replaceable. The dial is turned by a C-shaped lever, and pushing a small central red button makes it flip up so it can be turned. In thick gloves it can take a few goes to operate the button, and then find the lever, which could be at any angle to your fingers. But it tightens in small increments, and is overall a little smaller than a BOA, if looks and drag are a concern.

The side dial tightens an EVA pad, which can be manually centred across the top of the tongue, spreading the load comfortably. The other dial is fixed to the padded tongue, and adjusts forefoot volume, but doesn’t press in to the foot.

If you suffer heel slipping, Sidi’s heel cup can be adjusted from each side to prevent it, but I found the robust uppers and well-shaped, ventilated heel cup more than sufficient to retain my feet.

The carbon sole has replaceable walking bumpers, a midsole vent and a sliding toe vent that can be fixed open or closed depending on preference. While it’s immensely stiff for maximal pedalling efforts, the toe section includes some controlled flex, intended to reduce stress on the plantar tendon and increase circulation.

When adjusted, the Wire 2 is like having your feet held within a softly padded vice, as energy transmission from feet to pedals is superbly efficient, and their well shaped uppers are easy to live with day after day.

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Sidi Wire 2 specifications

  • Outer Sole: Carbon
  • Closure: Two Tecno Push 3 dials
  • Weight (pair): 660g
  • Size tested: 45.5
  • Sizes available: 38–48