Fizik R5B shoes review£130.00

Boa-equipped Italian beauties

BikeRadar score4.5/5

The R5 might be the base model in Fizik’s road shoe line-up, but it’s styled to perfection – and this year it includes the new Boa IP1 closure.

    The IP1 has the same rotate-to-tighten design of all Boas (using wire), but now the ratchet is two-way, so you can make micro adjustments to tighten and loosen the grip. The dials are also side-specific, so to tighten the right shoe you turn the dial clockwise, anti-clockwise to release, and the opposite way with the left, which feels very natural. The dial still pops out for fast release.

    A short Velcro strap just above the toe box helps maintain stability throughout the seamless, matt finish Microtex synthetic leather upper, which is perforated for breathability. Inside, a padded and textured ankle cuff helps hold your foot in place, and the heavyweight padded and meshed tongue keeps them seriously comfortable. The footbed is well formed, and we like the double-thickness integrated neoprene pad over the cleat zone.

    Underneath it’s a carbon-reinforced nylon sole with substantial bumpers on toe and heel. It offers a little more flex in the midfoot than the stiffest carbon soles, but the shoes feel very stable with no side to side twist, and the extra give makes them very comfortable for big rides, and walking isn’t such a stiff-legged Bambi-on-ice affair.

    They look great, fit wonderfully and are easy to adjust, and though you can find stiffer, lighter (at 592g for a pair of 45s they aren’t ‘heavy’) ‘race’ shoes at a much higher price, you’d be hard pushed to find better for fast endurance rides and general riding.

    This article was originally published in Cycling Plus magazine, available on Apple Newsstand and Zinio.

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